In our industry, we often get enquiries through from businesses who believe they have identified a problem we can help with. Whether it’s quality control, lean manufacturing or a lack of staff training, we are usually asked to help with something specific.

However, here at Brook we don’t just go in and solve the problem identified by the business. The prospective client is immediately allocated a business support manager who will oversee the relationship with them.

Our team of specialists then carry out a full audit of the company’s working practices and strategies to firstly determine whether there really is an issue to be resolved, and secondly whether there is anything else our team may be able to help with. We want to integrate ourselves within the client’s business from the very beginning because experience tells us that integration is key to getting the best results.

For example, if the business operates in the manufacturing industry, we will analyse the production process from when an order is received through to when the goods are shipped to customers. Our team of experienced consultants will then be able to identify which areas of the process could be improved and how we can help the business achieve that. At that stage, a consultant who is a specialist in that area will be assigned and will work with the business support manager to pull together a schedule of work and present recommendations to the client.

Our belief in the start to finish process forms part of the wraparound support we offer to every client we work with. For example, a client may enquire about some consultancy work to improve their quality control, but it becomes clear that they would benefit from a training programme to enable lean manufacturing and some growth planning for the future.

In this scenario, for each area of need we have the resources to allocate a specific specialist who will work with the client in their area of expertise. We want to give clients access to every service we offer as a business even if their enquiry is about just one piece of support that we provide, and I believe that differentiates Brook from its competitors.

This overarching support and ‘start to finish’ fact-finding process is hugely valued by clients and is not something every company in our field will offer but I believe it’s crucial to ensure that the client is making the most of what we can give them. With the range of services we offer, it would be remiss of us not to ensure that we are doing everything we can to help clients reach their goals. We put customers at the heart of everything we do and we want to build long-lasting relationships which continue throughout the company’s growth journey.

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