City Fibre has expanded its unique internet offering across the city, helping people achieve their fastest speeds yet.

As the internet becomes ever more integral to our daily lives, it’s no longer about whether someone can browse YouTube easily, it’s now an economic necessity. But what happens when your internet cannot keep up with your work and leisure routines? You end up spending more time being frustrated with slow internet speeds.

This is where City Fibre want to help you. Whether you’re a business or resident in Sheffield, staying connected is crucial – and that’s why you need a broadband connection you can depend on.

We started our work in Sheffield in early 2021 and we’re delighted to say that, thanks to our full fibre rollout, homes in Castlebeck, Manor, Woodthorpe and Richmond are now some of the best-connected areas in the UK. We’re busy working on our next areas of Park Hill, Burngreave, Pitsmoor, Handsworth and Tinsley, where connected areas will soon be able to access the network through consumer internet providers such as Vodafone, IDNet and Pure Broadband.

You might be thinking, but what IS full fibre? Full fibre is the fastest and most reliable digital connectivity available. It’s the gold standard for handling our 21st century thirst for data, speeds. Full fibre keeps up with the growing demands from Netflix binging sessions to virtual work meetings, all the way through to helping hospitals collaborate and share huge amounts of life-saving information.

But the benefits of full fibre don’t just stop there. It can be a platform for everything from helping residents save time with online banking and helping social landlords spot structural problems. Full fibre isn’t impacted by stormy weather or flooding, like copper networks often are, and let’s face it, the UK isn’t known for its sunny and hot weather.  Crucially, it provides a rock-solid platform people can rely upon. Our full fibre network is built to ensure services can be rerouted on the rare occasion there is a fault, and we constantly monitor our network to quickly identify and fix problems before most have even noticed, meaning business never stops.

As a result of this improved reliability, according to research from economic consultancy Regeneris in 2018, full fibre connectivity will have a major economic impact in Sheffield over the next 15 years. It shows that up to £162m could be added to the value of local homes, while Smart City initiatives could add as much as £113m locally. Access to full fibre could also unlock £38m in business productivity and innovation, while a further £43m in growth could be driven from new business start-ups, with enhanced connectivity making it easier and less expensive to set up base and run efficiently.

Sheffield has long been recognised and renowned for its creative and digital industries and is one of the many reasons why we’re investing £115m of private investment into the area.

Agencies such as The Designer’s Republic, Warp and Sumo are Sheffield founded businesses, and have attracted talent throughout the country. Other sectors that have boomed in the city are mobility, education and manufacturing technology, making Sheffield one of the prominent business cities in Yorkshire and one City Fibre is delighted to be building in.

Natalie Ward, area manager for City Fibre, said: “City Fibre is passionate about transforming the UK’s digital infrastructure and making it fit for the modern age and I’m delighted that Sheffield will benefit from this technology. Having a stable and reliable internet connection is an essential part of everyday life for residents and businesses.

“The upload and download speeds are also completely symmetrical, which is useful when working from home, uploading large files, and accessing cloud-based services. Having these kinds of connections will be very valuable and powerful for businesses’ growth and productivity and can even increase the value of residents’ houses.”

Residents interested in giving their home broadband a boost can find out more about the build and register their interest at