We often hear about market confidence and business confidence – but what about your personal confidence?

The real inner confidence that allows you to make everything happen.

The real inner confidence that allows you to deliver with your knowledge and experience combined with true ownership of your personality and individuality.

The real inner confidence that is natural to you whatever the circumstance, whatever the environment and whoever your audience.

In business specifically you are totally expected to have confidence, and this is crucial to self-employed, business owners and entrepreneurs as you take the helm of driving everything forward.

It is quite easy to forget that businesses are led and driven by people – and people are human beings, not machines. No-one should have to feel like they are living up to a false expectation of themselves because of business assumption and corporate suit.

We would never like to admit that we are lacking confidence in any way, shape or form. However, this is the most common obstacle found among individuals that holds their momentum and results back in life and in business.

The fact we don’t like to admit we could undoubtedly benefit from enhancing our performance is often down to our Britishness – allowing ego and stubborn-ness to take over. This very fact automatically highlights that we are doing ourselves a huge injustice.

It is common to behave as though everything is in hand and under control when the reality can be somewhat different. The natural response is that everything is good, business is good, it’s all going well. That’s what people expect to hear, don’t they? How can we admit to it ever being otherwise?

Exactly how much untapped potential is not being unleashed from a personal perspective that can ultimately impact the trajectory of your business? Everyone can do more, have more and be more.

The other side to this is when you may not even be self-aware of anything underlying confidence issues. We are often so good at being stubborn we put on a façade we believe to be true. Subconsciously this affects our thoughts, emotions, behaviours and actions, in a domino effect and exterior performance and output is unquestionably going to be compromised. We need to ensure the dominoes are positioned for motion in the right direction and conducive to our success.

The first constructive step forward is the acceptance and ownership that you have more to give. Everyone has. Human behaviour, skillset and mindset are areas that are always available to you to grow and develop.

Personal development is the fundamental foundation to driving your business success and then more importantly sustaining it. When you give yourself this permission to step into your own excellence you are giving your life and business the green light to be the vision that you see.

Helen Williams is a Personal Development Coach and the founder of HEW where she helps business owners to invest in themselves to create personal growth – which is then transferable into their companies.