Our columnist Helen Williams on keeping a positive outlook – whatever the forecast

There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing.

We are familiar with this saying as we know full well with our climate that we need to prepare for all eventualities.

But how do we do that in business when things are just so uncertain right now?

Here are our top five tips that we have found to be instrumental to surviving and succeeding this storm so far:

Operate in fight mode – and we don’t necessarily mean this as aggression, but the options of response are fight, flight or freeze. Whatever you do, don’t disappear to hibernate and procrastinate. Demonstrate your spirit.

Control the controllable – A popular reminder from us to really take perspective over what you have control over. The main variable is essentially YOU, so this means your reaction, behaviour and actions triggered accordingly in any situation. Accept this fact and remove any desire to sit on a pity potty feeling resentful over what challenges may well be apparent. Master yourself and ensure you are taking relevant control.

Stay calm, clear and away from drama – your environment is key. This includes the people around you influencing your space (honouring social distancing of course), but also the media and content you are consuming and allowing into your mind and thoughts. Be very aware of consumption. Drama breeds drama – opposite to this, positivity breeds positivity.

Utilise social media and communicate – like it or loathe it, social media is a vital business tool for your toolkit. Used correctly, this can really bridge the gap of logistical distance and gain traction for your presence and engagement. Nine months ago, many of us were not regular users of Zoom or Teams for meetings. Now when asked, the majority of users would say it’s been a lifeline. Social media is the same and a facility that is there for the taking to elevate the potential of connecting and engaging.

Constructive communication in any method, particularly digital presence, is essential. If you aren’t communicating, what are you leaving to assumption? Think about this – do your connections, clients and wider audience need to hear from you with updates, assurance, value, fun…the answer to the majority of businesses, irrespective of the sector, is a resounding yes!

#youfirst – prioritise you – a HEW non-negotiable. As the driver of your goals and your business, the prioritisation of yourself will ensure emotional, physical and mental resilience. Preparation for strength and fight mode doesn’t mean to say always pushing forward hard and fast, adopting the somewhat destructive manner of hustle and grind. Quite the contrary. The #youfirst ethos encourages mindfulness and vulnerability in order to process and allow yourself to breathe.

Remember – none of us have come this far, to only come this far. Give yourself credit for the learnings and adaptability from what seems like the longest year known to man. You have totally got this, especially when you buckle up with the above top tips!

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