What do you want to be known for – as a brand /business and as a person?

How much thought have you given this question in terms of how people would think of and describe you when they hear your name personally or professionally?

If you are sloppy in communication, is this what you want to be known for? Do you want others to have their opinion that you’re known for not being responsive, light with information or ambiguous with context?

Striving to be a high-quality business brand or an effective piece of the puzzle but then not communicating effectively or consistently isn’t really conducive to this vision.

Do you change your mind regularly in your opinions and seem to flex with whoever or whatever is current / popular / present at the time?

Do you alter who you are when forming business partnerships and collaborations and lack a consistent stronghold in direction and core message?

Or do you often interchange with what your service offering is and create confusion in the process?

If you answered yes to any of the above – consider this. Will any of this contribute effectively to setting your stall out for being dependable and the calibre of business or individual that others want to connect and work with?

Think about the attributes of you and your business – what do you want and need to deliver on? And then how are you actually representing yourself?

We know here at HEW that we stand for integrity, passion, honesty (sometimes tough love in Helen’s case!), individuality, consistency, and growth.

Why? Because our actions and behaviour display all of this in everything we do.

You know what you are getting with us as a business and as individuals – our brand is demonstrated by our behaviour.

The shiny logo and product placement doesn’t cut it when potential partners or customers look into you as people.

We are talking integrity and congruency in alignment with your core values and your daily intentions.

Be clear on who you are, how you want to be known and then act accordingly.

Not knowing will cost you.Having mismatched intentions and behaviours will cost you.

Contact us for more information on how we can help identify what you want to be known for as a personal and a professional  brand – and we aren’t talking designing websites and logos, but the real, personal, value-led substance behind it all!!