Our columnist says why wait? Get your accountability training gear on now!

If we asked you to evaluate the first three months of 2021 right now, how would you rate them? Most people fall into one of two camps – those who can shout ‘awesome, nailed it, smashed it out of the park’ or, ‘it’s been ok, got some stuff done, not sure exactly what, read and sent some emails, ate and slept, survived!’ We have all had days, weeks and months that fall into either of these camps.

We are not here to berate you – there’s a good chance your critical inner voice is doing that fine on its own. We are also not going to tuck you up on the sofa with a blanket, a hot water bottle, pat you on the head and say: ‘never mind dear, better luck next week’.

What we do want to do is talk about doing what we said we would do. Not to our boss or our business partners, not to our other halves or our coaches/mentors, not even to our customers or our social media following. We are talking about doing what we said we would do to OURSELVES.

Accountability is a word that gets thrown out a lot in our industry. Being accountable for our actions, behaviour, goal setting, outcomes…the list could go on. It’s something we hear from our clients and from our social media every single day: ‘how do I stay accountable, girls? How?’

The answer is genuinely really simple: do what you said you would do. Full stop.

The hard bit is that when you set the goal, or planned the outcome you wanted, you had a certain feeling. It may have been excitement or enthusiasm. It may have been fear or pure dread of pain you want to avoid. What happens along the way – real life, real business, throw in some lockdown pandemic mass media madness! – is we lose those initial feelings.  But we do what we said we would do, regardless.

After what has felt like a pretty long and hard season, the fog is lifting for so many of you right now. Maybe it’s the road out of lockdown or the lighter evenings, maybe it’s because enough is enough and you’re sick of feeling stuck, frustrated, and annoyed with letting yourself off the hook. We can feel the tide turning, we have listened as SO many people have said ‘please help us be more accountable’ to ourselves and to our teams.

Don’t wait.

Don’t say ‘maybe next time’.

Don’t think ‘we have all the time in the world’.

If 2020 has taught us anything, we never know what is around the next corner, where the next hurdle will appear. So, let’s get our training gear on now and get ready. Let’s be accountable for one thing at a time and then, by god, let’s watch that muscle grow!

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