Welcome to the first issue of unLTD – a brand new bi-monthly magazine for the Sheffield business community.

We think Sheffield is a vibrant, exciting place in which to live and work, with a thriving business community that’s very much driven by the swathes of hardworking SMEs, entrepreneurs and general go-getters. Where once the sound of blast furnaces and grindstones were the soundtrack to our city’s economy, we’re now driven by modern manufacturing and tech companies, creative and digital specialists as well as a growing financial and healthcare sectors. Which is why we think the city and the region around it deserves a business magazine that reflects the nature of these exciting times.

It’s not all raspberry jam and crumpets of course, and there are challenges we all need to meet every day. But we won’t shy away from those in these pages, not least the current hot topics of the outcome of the devolution process and arrival of HS2. But there are opportunities too; and these, as well as the everyday issues facing business of all shapes and sizes will be covered alongside these ‘headline’ news stories.

So what can you expect? We’ll have regular features on company culture to share best practice across the city. We’ll focus on start-ups and young entrepreneurs as they look to become the wealth and job-creators of today and tomorrow. We’ll interview some of the key figures that are shaping our city to find out what they think the future has in store. And importantly, we’ll be broadening our horizons to learn from businesses in other cities across the globe, to help us grow, expand and develop in the smartest way possible.

And, let’s remember, we’re not always at work. Which is why we’ll feature regular guides about where to escape for those oh-so-important weekends away as well as unpicking the best places to unwind at the end of the day.

But beyond all this, most of all we want unLTD to be different to what you’d expect from a typical business magazine. We think with this first issue we’re on the right track.

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