Our tech expert shares his top green marketing tips 

With the war on climate change raging on, customers are looking for eco-friendly, sustainable companies more than ever before. In fact, a Futerra survey found that 88 per cent want brands to help them be more environmentally-friendly and ethical in their daily life.

A commitment to sustainable practices shows you’re not just interested in making money but helps to build a strong reputation with existing and new customers.

Here are a few of my top green marketing tips:

Digital-only strategy

Going fully digital with your marketing is a great start as it’s a much more environmentally friendly channel compared to flyers, print and direct mail. Even better for SMEs – it’s often much cheaper to use online marketing.

Showcase your eco-friendly choices with content

Identify your sustainable USPs – why should ethical customers shop with you?

  • A new eco-friendly alternative product range?
  • You only source from ethical and sustainable manufacturers?
  • Your products are re-usable?
  • Your company has low waste or emissions?
  • Eco-friendly packaging?

For example, here at Evoluted, we’ve signed up to Offset Earth –  a scheme to counterbalance our carbon footprint by planting trees roughly equivalent to our usage. You can watch our forest grow as the months go on with their online tracker (www.offset.earth/evoluted).

Once you’ve established these eco-USPs, create some original content around them, showing you’re committed to an eco-friendly ethos. Not only that, but credible content builds expertise, authority, and trustworthiness with Google and in turn, can help to boost search rankings.

With climate change consistently in the media, eco-friendly business practices are another angle for securing links from external sites too!

Environmental incentives

Encouraging customers to purchase with discount codes and offers is an age-old concept, but green marketing incentives can be a new effective step. Perhaps donate a proportion of profit to an environmental cause or plant a tree with every purchase?

These green marketing tips are small steps you can take to show customers that choosing your business can make a positive impact on the environment.

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Ash Young, Evoluted