We all know we need to be more active at work. 

But a study of more than 14,000 people last year was a real eye-opener after revealing that on weekdays people who worked reported a longer amount of time sitting down than pensioners.

It’s enough to get us all ditching the lift for the stairs or strolling over for a chat with colleagues instead of ‘pinging them an email’.

In Sheffield we have companies like Seven Hills – South Yorkshire’s number one corporate health and wellbeing company – delivering energetic and engaging workouts for employees of all abilities at workplaces across the region.

But for those who want to swap the office for the gym before or after work – or on their lunch break – there are plenty of corporate packages on offer.

Here we swap the suits for cycling shorts and take a look at a selection:

Who – SWEAT!

Where – 81A The Moor, Sheffield S1 4PF

6am – 10pm on weekdays and 8am – 7pm on weekends.


Why – Being conveniently located on The Moor, right in the centre of the area’s exciting new regeneration project, means plenty of reasons for your team to stop by and get their SWEAT! on! Especially when you consider they offer over 100 classes a week, and have around 250 pieces of the latest techno-gym equipment.

Who – Sport Sheffield

Where – Goodwin Sports Centre, Northumberland Road, Sheffield S10 2TY

7am – 10pm on weekdays, and 8am – 6pm on weekends (term time).

Norton Playing Fields, Warminster Road, S8 8PS

11am – 5pm on Wednesdays, 9am till 5pm on Saturdays, 9am till 2pm on Sundays


Why – If anyone understands the impact good health can have on study and work, it’s Sport Sheffield – they are the dedicated facility of the University of Sheffield! However, their excellent facilities are open to the public as well as its students, and they offer lots of different corporate deals, too.

Who – Nuffield Health

Where – Napier Street, Sheffield, S11 8HA

6.30am – 10pm weekdays, and 8am – 9pm weekends


Why – With Nuffield Health you can be sure your team is in good hands. They’re the leading provider of corporate wellbeing services in the UK, and proven to boost the health of employees. You can choose to give your team discounted access to their local club (along with a free health MOT every three months), or Nuffield can even help get your very own office gym up and running.

Who – Fitness Club Central

Where – 94 Surrey Street, Sheffield, S1 2LG, UK

7am – 9.30pm Monday to Thursday, 7am – 8pm Friday, 9am – 5pm Saturday, 10am – 4pm Sunday


Why – If you’re after a more personal experience, then look no further than Sheffield’s independent city centre gym. Fitness Club Central can cater their corporate membership service to any company, no matter how big or small. The gym’s been around since 1998, so they know their stuff, plus their facilities have everything your team could need to get in tip-top shape.

Who – Living Well Health Club

Where – Hilton Sheffield, Victoria Quays, Sheffield, S4 7YB

6am – 10pm weekdays, 8am – 9pm weekends


Why – Living Well Health Club has air-conditioned, fully equipped facilities that come complete with a spa, steam room and sauna, giving your team the perfect combination of a healthy workout with a side helping of rest and relaxation afterwards. Living Well ensures everyone attending the gym has constant access to their fitness team, ensuring your team gets the maximum health benefit.

Who – Puregym 

Where – Sheffield City Centre South, 9-15 Manton Street, Sheaf Gardens, S2 4BA /

Sheffield Millhouses, 9 Archer Road, S8 0LB

Sheffield North, Tesco Extra, 2-16 Carlisle Street, S4 7LJ

Open 24/7


Why – Ever been sat watching TV at 1am and felt like hopping on a treadmill? If you’re the kind of fitness fanatic who answered yes, then Puregym and its 24/7 opening hours – shared across all three of its Sheffield branches – will have you jumping for joy. Even their corporate membership is no nonsense, with a flat 5% or 10% discount depending on the number of employees who sign up. Sorted.

Who – Virgin Active

Where – 300 Broadfield Park, Broadfield Road, Sheffield, Broadfield Park, S8 0XQ

6am – 10.30pm weekdays, 8am – 9pm weekends


Why – Virgin offer revolutionary exercise routines and cutting-edge classes using only the most modern exercise equipment in a way that’ll really wow your team. Too busy to leave the office? They’ll bring the gym to you with 15-20 minute classes from within your HQ. Still not convinced? Book a free trial open day to see for yourself.

Who – Xercise4less

Where Xercise4Less Sheffield Gym, 17 Guernsey Road, Sheffield S2 4HG

6am-10pm weekdays, 8am – 8pm weekends


Why – The name says it all. Xercise4less prides itself on its low prices, and that’s for both employers and employees.

And low prices doesn’t meant low quality – this is one of the largest gyms in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, boasting more than 400 pieces of industry-leading equipment, and over 200 fitness classes included in every membership.

Who – SIV

Where – Various. 
See www.siv.org.uk for details 

Why – As part of the Sheffield City Trust, SIV is a not-for-profit organisation focusing on reaching local communities and getting people to be active, so a corporate gym membership here will benefit your team’s waistlines as well as the city itself. The amount on offer is huge too, with seven different gyms to choose from, the enormous swimming pool at Ponds Forge and even golf courses!

Who – Anytime Fitness

Where – Building V1 2 Tenter Street, Sheffield S1 4BY

Open 24/7 to Members


Why – This one is perfect for globe-trotters and travellers. Anytime Fitness have more than 3,600 gyms across the world, all of which are available 24/7 to anyone with a membership, meaning you are assured your team will always have access to a great place to burn some calories.

Who – TRIB3

Where – 557 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield S11 8PR

6am – 8.30pm Monday to Thursday, 6am – 7.30pm Friday, 8am – 12.30pm Saturday and 8am – 11.30pm Sunday

The Source Skills Academy, Meadowhall 300 Meadowhall Way, Sheffield S9 1EA

6am – 8.30pm Monday to Thursday, 6am – 7.30pm Friday, and 8am – 5pm on Weekends.


Why – One for those who like their exercise pumped up to the max. TRIB3 is a unique gym experience in that they put their high intensity “TRI” sessions to the forefront. It’s an aggressive, fat burning mixture of treadmill, resistance and intensity training that’ll have you screaming away almost 1000 calories each visit whilst you enjoy funky, international beats.