Office refurb specialists, The DL Company talk us through some of the furniture options to make your workplace a welcoming, productive environment…

‘Variety is the Spice of Life’

The workplace is no different and now it’s about choice: where and how do you want to work? The conventional idea of sitting at a desk all day is changing.

We have to meet people in person, via video meetings, using the phone – all demand our time and there’s a need to create the space to allow us to maximise those opportunities.

DL Company

There’s a whole host of furniture that can create areas for people to maximise their potential and spend quality time in the office and with colleagues.

In a post-pandemic world and with the evolution of technology, this mix is what people want when leaving the comforts of home.

It fosters the sense of identity within a business, as well as allowing people to be an individual in the way they interface with the workplace. We’re all special don’t forget!

Here at DL we can create that identity and culture within your firm, bringing energy and dynamism that can be created from the physical and aesthetic change that focus booths can bring.

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