A small change can make a big difference. Travel South Yorkshire is encouraging people to reconsider their travel habits in order to make a huge difference to their wallets, waistlines and the world around us. Sound good so far? unLTD’s Bronte Saulle found out more!

The #LittleBigChanges campaign, launched by Travel South Yorkshire in 2019, focuses on how a small change to a routine can make a big difference. Its aim is to encourage as many people as possible to make transport choices that are more active and sustainable, better for the individual and the local environment.

Car Free Fridays are all about people joining forces in making the decision to leave their car at home and instead commute by public transport, walking, cycling or any other form of sustainable travel.

Travel South Yorkshire Marketing Manager, Richard Pilgrim, explained: “It really comes down to trying something different in terms of commuting travel, even if it is just for one day a week, and we are here to help you make this adjustment.

“We’re becoming increasingly aware that the way we choose to get around can have a big impact on our health and wellbeing. Choosing an alternative way to commute, even for one day a week, could just be the kick start that we all need to make.

“It doesn’t have to be a Friday – it is about turning that small change into a long-standing habit. Fridays do offer a good opportunity for staff to get together after work without having to consider the drive home!”.

In last month’s edition of unLTD, Travel South Yorkshire shared the feedback from its ‘Leave the key’ campaign. This involved giving people, who would normally commute to work by car, the opportunity to try bus, tram and train for free over the course of 28 days. Forty-two per cent of participants reported being more active, whilst 67 per cent felt less stressed when compared to driving.

Richard continued: “There are loads of things that you can enjoy by trying a different way to commute – whether its upping your exercise for the week or winding down after your day.

“Public transport offers the great opportunity to sit back and catch up with friends, social media or your favourite television show. We know changing your habits isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.”

Travel South Yorkshire is encouraging people to share their experience of Car Free Friday on Twitter @TravelSYorks, Facebook @TravelSouthYorkshire or Instagram @travelsouthyorkshire using #LittleBigChanges.