Ash Young, our tech expert is here with the latest Google search query tips

Being present on Google is even more important now than ever. When you search in Google, the Knowledge Panel appears on the right side of your screen in the results.

This makes it as simple as possible for searchers to find any information they need, before they visit your business. Potential customers can read reviews, ask questions, phone you, make reservations, get directions to store and more – all directly from the local Knowledge Panel.

We know the algorithm controlling visibility takes into account factors such as relevance and distance, but the exact details remain somewhat a mystery and you can’t pay for better rankings here.

Firstly, verify your listing and add as much relevant information as possible including high-quality images. Then, I would recommend focusing on the following to improve the chances of your Knowledge Panel appearing and help to attract more customers.

Increase your domain authority

Google aims to promote businesses that are the most relevant to the search query, provide up-to-date and accurate information, and those who are trustworthy. Your domain authority (DA) sends a trust signal to Google – increasing your DA score can improve your likelihood of appearing in the Google Knowledge Panel.

Create engaging content and secure links back to your site to show Google that you produce quality, credible information. A few other ways to optimise your DA include:

  • Conducting a link audit and removing bad links
  • Optimising for mobile
  • Improving on-site title and meta tags
  • Ensuring user-friendly navigation
  • Building internal links

Secure local reviews

According to Google themselves: ‘Google review count and score are factored into local search ranking: more reviews and positive ratings will probably improve a business’s local ranking.’

Not only that, but ratings and review excerpts actually appear in the knowledge panel. Positive reviews add the element of credibility to your business and can influence someone’s decision to purchase.

Bing Places for Business

While Google holds the biggest share of searchers, don’t miss out on optimising for Bing searchers – it’s also important to claim and update your Bing local business profile.

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