Your pitch is an opportunity for start-ups to tell everyone about their business. This issue we meet Simon Harrison of DeeperThanBlue Analytics, who’s helping organisations make the most of their data.

Tell us about your business – sell yourself!
We are a business analytics consultancy that use our deep, practical business experience to help our customers better understand their data and how they can use it to get better returns. Our portfolio is varied, but our capabilities are particularly strong when it comes to management accounting. We really get to understand what drives your business. The scale of your company isn’t an issue, we have worked in senior positions at large organisations where we have helped to drive transformation and change. Our qualifications are second to none; we have fully certified competencies in analytics, we are an IBM business partner and we are fully registered with CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants as members in practice). There are countless areas of your business we can help to excel, from maximising your business performance to simply minimising your costs.

What gave you the idea for your business?
The idea came from our own personal experience in solving business problems. We’ve always found that the best way for a business to make smart decisions that will definitely lead to a real improvement is by using the enormous amount of insight that data can provide. In this modern age, most businesses are struggling to come to terms with the enormous growth in data they’ve got coming in from Big Data and connected devices.

Who are your customers and how are you targeting them?
All businesses use data to a certain extent, but what our dedicated team can offer is specialised analysis of specific sectors including retail, FMCG, logistics, manufacturing, legal and banking. We’re also about to launch a business analytics forum right here in Sheffield, where we’ll demonstrate what can be achieved through real life examples. We also want to encourage our guests to share their own experiences to improve the performance of businesses in South Yorkshire, which should provide great networking opportunities in the process.

How can people get in touch with you?
Please contact me via:
Phone: 0114 399 2820 or 07949763848.
For any more details, visit our website on

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