Sheffield insolvency and business turnaround specialist Graywoods is giving clients and contacts the opportunity to take part in a series of specially tailored insolvency training seminars.

The free sessions are being offered to people working in the accountancy, legal and business sectors and are headed insolvency practitioner Paul Moorhead and the rest of the Graywoods team.

“Insolvency is a complex and ever-changing topic and unless you are involved on a daily basis, many of the concepts and principles, and much of the terminology, can be confusing,” said Paul.

“However, having at least a basic understanding of the key points will help to better advise clients and to signpost them if they need in-depth advice and support.

“The first port of call for many clients with financial problems is often their accountant, solicitor or financial advisor, even if that advisor is not an insolvency expert.

“But here at Graywoods we have wide-ranging experience of dealing with business and debt problems, providing business rescue, company turnaround and business recovery services to clients across the UK.”

The specifically tailored seminars can be hosted at the Graywoods offices in Leopold Street, Sheffield, or can be delivered in-house.

“It’s about helping fellow professionals to be able to better advise their clients on the steps they need to take,” said Paul.

“We aim to give a comprehensive overview of the system and by taking the sessions out to our clients we believe we are making it even easier for them to take advantage of the expertise we are sharing.”