What do you do when things don’t go to plan?


This is a big one, whether it’s in your personal or professional life.


This has been a hot topic of conversation within the HEW team recently, a couple of us doing individual challenges to raise money for charity. It is fair to say that everything didn’t go exactly to plan! But the most interesting thing here is our mindset when this happens and our reaction or response to the situation. The emotions, upset and frustrations are very real, and I am sure when reading this, you can recall a time when something you wanted to happen, and had planned for, just didn’t work out the way you’d hoped.


Think of a time personal to you. Take a moment to think of how you felt, what you thought, and what you did. Were these behaviours rational and well thought out, or was it instinctive, rash, and loaded with emotion? Do any of these common responses resonate?


The demon mindset

Negative inner chatter- ‘I knew I couldn’t do it, I’m such a failure, I’m never doing that again’


Blame others- avoid all responsibility and lash out at others

Go into hiding- pretend it’s not happening and bury your head in the sand

Strong internal emotions- feelings of embarrassment, shame and regret

This is where that keyword comes into play again- Awareness!


Let’s be honest, how often do things go exactly how we want them to?  There will always be something, which is why it is so important to shift our perspective to one of learning and growth.


So, consider the following, and learn how to become your own biggest cheerleader!


The Cheerleader Mindset

What can I learn from this situation?

What is within my direct control and what areas can I influence?

What would I do differently next time?

What went well? (don’t forget this one!)


What have I learned about myself?

This approach ensures we look forward with positivity and increased knowledge rather than back with shame and regret. Compare the two approaches. Which do you currently use, and which would serve you better?

So next time something doesn’t go to plan, don’t beat yourself up; lift yourself up! That way you can move forward with clarity while having a clear picture of reality and all the learning gained.


Remember the story of Thomas Edison regarding the invention of the lightbulb on the 100th attempt, this sums up perfectly the importance of perspective.


“I never failed at making a light bulb; I just found 99 ways not to make one”

Enjoy the journey and believe in yourself!

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