By Gemma Daniels of Hydra Creative


The ongoing development of staff is key to any business – investing in your employees can increase performance, commitment and profitability.

Sheffield-based digital agency, Hydra Creative, explore the importance of continuous personal development in digital careers.

Directors’ thoughts:

We asked directors Gemma and Ryan, for their thoughts on staff training and development.

“Our business has been built on offering training and ongoing development to our staff. Rather than always choosing the most qualified candidate, we have instead found the most success through taking on people who are the best cultural fit. We then provide them with ongoing support and training, both formal and in-house.

“CPD ()for staff ensures an ever-evolving workforce that grows in confidence and is able to achieve goals and meet individual personal potential. Match this with staff that have a positive attitude and a desire for self growth and development, and you’ve got a winning formula as a business owner.”

Staff opinions:

We spoke to Jana, Amy and Jasmine in the office about their thoughts on CPD.

Q: How important is Continuous Personal and Professional Development to your career?

A: It is imperative to continue learning and evolving as a marketer, as the marketing world is continuously changing. Without keeping your finger on the pulse, you will fall behind on the latest trends and developments. – Jana

A: When working in a full-service digital agency, it is vital to have a good understanding of all departments. This ensures that you can work well as a team, as well as giving you the ability to lend a hand to other departments if needed. – Jasmine

Q: What personal development have you undertaken whilst at Hydra Creative?

A: Whilst I have been here, I have completed a Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing, a CIM qualification. Doing this course, alongside the day-to-day work, was integral as it helped me understand how strategy and theory are essential to digital marketing tactics. I have also completed professional courses in the Adobe Suite, which has helped me with document creation. – Amy

A: I have completed a level 3 digital marketing apprenticeship while at Hydra Creative. This also included taking various courses such as the CIW Site Development Associate, and the BCS Certificate in Digital Marketing for Businesses. I am currently partaking in the Next MBA marketing director course, which includes lectures from industry leaders such as Neil Patel and Guy Kawasaki. – Jasmine

From the expert

We asked one of the leading providers of Adobe Certified Training, Gary Bradley of Creative Frontiers, how important CPD is in the creative industries. “Creative teams must get regular training to explore the latest techniques to improve efficiency and effectiveness in their design work, to ensure that the finished product is slick, yet within budget for the client. As a leading digital training provider, our success has been built on face-to-face delivery.

However, due to the increase of remote working and agencies investing more in their staff, this approach presented logistical challenges, limiting our ability to meet the needs of a diverse client base. We have recently invested in a bespoke, online learning platform that has been critical to pivoting the business model.

We now offer a blended learning experience incorporating eBooks, live stream or on-demand masterclasses and even pre-bookable mentoring sessions. As a result, our courses are more inclusive and support thousands of students across fifty countries, twenty-four hours a day.”

Learn more about Creative Frontiers, here:

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