There is a word that is popping up increasingly often online, in newspapers and in conversation. Polycrisis. What is this? What can we do about them? And how is this word shaping the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and what we do for our members?

We can thank the Greeks for the word polycrisis. It describes multiple overlapping crises that all hit at once. Fast forward to 2022, and that means the lingering impacts of COVID-19, the war in Ukraine, the rapid rises in inflation and interest rates, and the impacts of more extreme weather are coming together to make things really difficult for businesses across Sheffield.

Sheffield Chamber cannot solve every problem, but we can help our members and the wider business community who are being affected by what mother nature, politicians and the economy is throwing at them.

The Chamber is here to lead the way in making Sheffield the best place in the UK to start, grow and run a successful and sustainable business – both when times are good and also when times are more challenging.

That is why we are investing more time, more thought and more resource in building a membership offer that is designed to help businesses navigate the challenges surrounding them.

We want to help our members protect their businesses. That is why every Chamber member enjoys legal and HR protection.

Equally, we want to help you to save money. That is why Chamber members can access a range of discounted services for their business and employees, plus support to grow and develop their people through training and their markets through exports.

We have a never-ending responsibility to help businesses to grow by helping them to build stronger and better connections with suppliers, clients, funders, partners and collaborators. That is why, as we head into the winter months, our events programme is bigger and better than ever. From X to Y, there is a Chamber event designed to build your community and support your growth.

The word polycrisis might be getting more attention, but the most important word for Sheffield Chamber is community. Why? Because when times are tough, it pays to stick together. As we battle inflation and rising interest rates, Sheffield needs to unite. That is why Sheffield Chamber will be with our members every step of the way. Today and every day.