By Ash Young, Evoluted

SEO content is designed to rank in Google. Being at the top, or as near as possible, means your site will generate more traffic, and that can also lead to those all-important conversions and sales.

So, how do you get your content to rank in position one on Google?

Conduct keyword research

In order to know what content to create, put yourselves in your potential customers’ shoes. That way, you can create content that’s not only relevant, but also timely. What do they want to know about? What is their intention?

You can use several tools to do this such as Ahrefs, and we often use Google Keyword Planner in Google Ads.

Once you have a list of keywords to target, you can write content around these topics.

You’ll need to optimise the content for the keyword, such as using this in headings. However, it’s very important that this doesn’t appear unnatural to the reader – keyword inclusion shouldn’t disrupt the content or appear stuffed in.

Research the type of content that already ranks

For the keywords that you want to rank for, take a look at what type of content appears at the top currently. Is it a video, blog page, category page, a news article? This will give you an idea of the optimal content format for this query on Google.

Include visual assets

You can improve your chances of ranking in Google by adding in visual assets, giving you the opportunity to rank in Google’s image and video tabs, too. Not only that, but visuals help people to understand and digest your content, and user satisfaction is highly important to Google.

Build links to your content

Link-building should underpin every search engine optimisation strategy. Google’s algorithm looks at the quality and trustworthiness of inbound links to dictate what pages rank and which ones don’t.

Outreach is a strategy to promote your content on external sites or platforms to gain backlinks that can help to improve search rankings. Focus on outreaching your pieces to relevant, authoritative sites such as industry publications and news sites.

You can ask yourself the following questions to help guide your strategy:

Where do your competitors get links?

  • Which publications share the same target audience as you?
  • Who is looking for content related to your field?
  • Who is the best person to reach out to with your content suggestions?

If you’d like help with a content marketing strategy and implementation, get in touch with the Evoluted team.


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