Co-working at DeskSpace gives me the freedom to work when I choose and the opportunity to focus without distractions.

I love that feeling of walking in, switching on, and getting on with what I want to work on. Through co-working I feel a sense of independence which is very important to me while I am working on my freelance projects.

I am enjoying the flexibility of my work which means that I don’t have to sit at my desk from 9-5 every day – instead I can work for a few hours and then meet with friends, go outside for creative inspiration, or attend networking events. Co-working has helped me create a better balance in my life so that it’s not all centred around working.

I feel grateful to work in a creative, inspirational and supportive co-working environment at DeskSpace. As soon as I arrived for my trial day I felt warmly welcomed and settled in quickly.

It’s great to connect with other co-workers and to hear about their projects, occasionally asking for advice or having a quick chat while making a brew. Having people around me has made a positive impact on my working environment because it breaks the day up and adds a social element to my day. Sometimes at DeskSpace we go out for lunch at the end of the week which is a brilliant opportunity to get together, share ideas or challenges, and to take a break from our screens.

Co-working has helped me to discover potential business opportunities and to develop new contacts in Sheffield. I have become aware of digital forums and events that add to my network and make my freelance work more enjoyable.

I truly feel that I am part of a supportive community made up of open and genuine people, which means a lot to me as a newcomer to Sheffield and the co-working environment.

Separating work and home life is a great benefit of co-working because I have a cut-off point when I close my laptop and leave my deskspace. When I was previously working from home I always felt that I should be at my desk getting things done, but now I can just relax and choose to spend my time cooking, reading, or going out for a walk in the hills. I feel healthier for it and I spend quality time with my boyfriend instead of my head trying to be in two places at once.