Podcasts are not only a popular form of entertainment, they are also a great way to pick up tips and advice and get answers to current problems or issues.

The Legal Lowdown, a series of podcasts from Bell & Buxton, addresses a range of common legal issues related to both commercial law and private clients.

Our team of lawyers combine research, experience and engaging dialogue to help explain both topical and everyday issues that affect our lives, providing insight and answers to key questions. Life is busy and it’s often difficult to put time aside for research or reading, but podcasts are a convenient and effective way to consume content for those with busy schedules.

The two most recent Legal Lowdown podcasts covered the topic of wills and probate. Something we know we need to look into, but often don’t find time.

Recent research shows 59 per cent of UK adults have not written a will, this equates to around 31 million individuals in the UK who have no control over where their own assets will go when they die. When an individual dies without a valid will in place this is called intestacy. Any assets in that estate will then pass in accordance with a set of rules called the intestacy rules.

More often than not, individuals will have strong views about where they would like their assets to pass in the event of their death and certainly where they would not want them to go. However, without a valid will in place, you have no control over your estate or who will administer it.

Podcast one explores what intestacy is, effectively dying without a valid will, how an estate passes in an intestacy situation and what you can do to avoid it, while looking at the things to be considered when making a will.

In podcast two we tackle the subject of probate. Unfortunately, it is a common misconception that you don’t need probate when there is a will. Sadly, this is not the case. A Grant of Probate is a document officially sealed by the Probate Registry confirming an individual’s appointment as an executor of a will and allowing them to collect in the assets in an estate so they can then administer the estate in accordance with the will.

In this podcast, we discuss what the Grant of Probate is and summarise how it is obtained, when and why it is needed and how the process can differ depending on the assets in the estate and indeed the intended beneficiary.

Listen in to Legal Lowdown for more insightful discussions from our experienced and informed legal team on issues that affect you, your family and your business. Over time we will delve into a range of topics, providing information and useful advice. We look forward to having you join us.

For more information on how to access the podcasts please go to our Will and Probate pages on our website: www.bellbuxton.co.uk/personal-services/wills–probate/wills