Dentech IT, the South Yorkshire based managed IT service provider, has developed a new website after expanding its service offering to clients in 2021.

The decision to revamp the website was made as the firm enters new markets and has experienced an increase in new clients across its wide range of IT and connectivity services.

Led by Managing Director, Luke Denman, the new website has been built to reaffirm the company’s presence as a leading IT provider in the Sheffield City Region, and to allow existing clients to learn more about the full range of added value services on offer.

Luke comments: “Despite having many years’ personal experience at Director level in leading IT service providers in the region, Dentech itself is a relatively young company that is now experiencing significant growth.

“Whilst we feel our existing website did its job in helping to establish our brand, it has become evident that as we have grown and added a broader range of services, the site started to feel outdated – a common scenario in the world of IT, as technology constantly adapts to new trends and user requirements.

“In order to portray ourselves as a leading IT provider across the region, we have developed a well-structured, easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing website that will reaffirm our credentials to our existing clients and help to attract new ones as we ramp up our marketing and business development activities.

“In addition to new service offerings, we have also added new members to the team in recent months, with this set to continue throughout the year, so capturing this growth across all areas of the business was a key driver in making sure our website looks the part just as much as our team does behind the scenes.

“It’s been a fantastic project to work on, and I’d like to extend our thanks to Brendan Hall at Hallmark Branding and Mike Robinson at RD&M Web Designers for bringing it all to life. We are absolutely thrilled with the results!”

The next web project for Dentech is the completion of their Dentech Connect website, which offers high speed mobile broadband and connectivity services to businesses and individuals throughout the UK.

The new Dentech IT website can be accessed at

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