Sheffield based tech firm Simdoa share just how important I.T services are to today’s working world and explain how they go the extra mile to support businesses from across South Yorkshire with any tech troubles they face. 

It’s not the most exciting subject, but for many businesses, I.T. managed services including the purchase of software like Microsoft and Google licenses can be a huge headache.

The modern world of work does not allow for any business to be without some kind of I.T. support, whether that’s on-going support with hardware i.e. laptops, on-premise data storage centres, video conferencing equipment, internet and cabling or software applications like Teams, Sharepoint or Google Workspace for a collaborative working environment.

The Simoda Team

Challenges for Business
There are many challenges businesses face day to day but at Simoda, we work with customers large and small, some with large I.T. teams and some with none. In our experience, the common challenges businesses and management teams have around their I.T. provision and support include:

  • Rising, untransparent costs of licenses, data security and support services
  • Lack of business knowledge around I.T. and security of data
  • Current I.T. suppliers letting the business down with slow call outs and poor customer service
  • Current suppliers not knowing how to solve issues
  • I.T. downtime which means business operations are limited
  • I.T. issues that the business simply don’t know how to resolve i.e. access to information, virus software, laptops not working etc.

Solving Common I.T. Issues
Our aim is always to support businesses with the right I.T. support and technology solutions to suit them. Unlike other I.T. companies, we don’t have the hardnosed salespeople who try to push a particular product or solution. This is because our team don’t work on commission, they work on a “technology first strategy,” with a focus on what’s right for your business.

“There are larger companies across South Yorkshire who offer similar services, granted, but many of our team came from those larger businesses with a new perspective on customer excellence and doing things ‘reyt’.”

The I.T. industry changes month on month. Each week, there is a high-profile cyber-attack on a large organisation, or a manufacturing plant experiencing mass downtime because of an I.T. problem. In the true Simoda spirit of always sharing knowledge and supporting local businesses, some of the common I.T. issues our team solve, which leads customers to ask us for help, include:

  • On prem data servers becoming costly to run (usually increasing carbon emissions) and you’re needing an upgrade to a more cost-effective solution or there is a need for the business to move to the cloud. We can support you in moving your data to more cost-effective cloud solutions.
  • I.T. Service contracts which are coming to an end or haven’t been well understood or utilised and there’s a need for better helpdesk support and the ability to reach an expert quickly. As local experts, we can help you quickly with your needs; even sending a team to get you back up and running, avoiding downtime for your business.
  • Little or no cyber security support for the business. Employees also have little knowledge of the new, AI-driven phishing attacks that can lead to employees unknowingly sharing information with hackers or giving them access to your data and systems, often without realising till it’s too late. Not only are our team able to fix security breaches and get your data protected we provide the best, cost-effective cyber security solutions and training to your employees. One of the best ways to establish the lack of knowledge amongst your employees is to run a simulated yet realistic, test phishing attack email to your employees to see where the businesses’ vulnerabilities lie.
  • Costly monthly license fees for unused functionality of software like Microsoft office. We support with right-sizing. This means we help you only spend money on what you use. Often businesses are paying far too much on licenses and subscriptions when reducing cost is a simple money-saver e.g. you pay for enterprise licenses with Microsoft but only use Teams, Sharepoint, Powerpoint and Excel. Your users don’t need access to all of the other apps Microsoft has to offer, so there’s an opportunity to reduce your costs significantly, some of our customers have saved more than 50% on licenses.

Why is Simoda different?
Simoda, based in Kelham Island, Sheffield is on a mission to support local businesses. With a mixed team of experts across the technology and I.T. space nearby, customers don’t just get competitive price but a personal, collaborative support service. At Simoda, we don’t just do I.T. and sit behind our computers all day, our team are out speaking to customers, solving some of their most complex or simple problems when it comes to I.T. and technology. There are larger companies across South Yorkshire who offer similar services, granted, but many of our team came from those larger businesses with a new perspective on customer excellence and doing things “reyt.” // 0114 5533600 //

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