Park Hill is to welcome its first convenience store. The award-winning redevelopment and joint venture between Urban Splash and Places for People has been planning to add a store as an amenity on site now that the population within Park Hill is well over 800 – a number which will grow later this year when new residents move in to the next phase.

Zak Malook, who already runs two other stores in the city, will be managing the one at Park Hill. Called Park Hill Provisions, it will provide “a one-stop-shop”, says Zak.

The store signage design will be in keeping with other notices around Park Hill that are all intended to reflect the heritage and shape of Park Hill.

Park Hill Provisions will be based on the site of the Parkway Tavern, one of the four original pubs that were onsite at Park Hill.  The double fronted 1890 sq ft store will be based within Béton House, Phase 3 of the redevelopment, completed by student housing specialists Alumno Developments in September 2020 and now occupied.

Zak says: “I was born and brought up in Sheffield and know the area of Park Hill as I already run a store nearby, and my current customers were old residents of the place. I have been wanting to open a store there for a while as it’s a great location and I expect to be used by residents as well as the surrounding local communities.

“I was the first person to make enquiries about the unit when I saw it was available. We have now exchanged on the premises and after arranging the fit out I shall be planning the opening celebrations in the coming months.”

Nicky Harries on behalf of the joint venture, said: “We are delighted to welcome Zak and his store Park Hill Provisions, adding to the growing amenities on site. We envisage Zak’s shop to become a real asset and a community hub just as the café; South Street Kitchen based in Phase 1 has proved to be. At Park Hill we are creating a place where people can live, work and play with access to community amenities as well as green space provided by our landscaped areas that have proved so popular during the recent lockdowns.”

The commercial opportunities at Park Hill include 20,000 sq ft of new mixed-use commercial space available within Phase 2, currently being developed, providing the opportunity for a variety of work, leisure and retail spaces. These will be available later in the year.

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