Royal Armouries is set to launch Yorkshire’s first ever escape room to feature a boss-style battle at its museum in Leeds.

RA/ID will be the first escape game of its kind to accommodate up to 5 players. It will also feature 15 minutes of thrilling gameplay within the room itself.

It also includes a mission which allows adventurers to experience the museum in a whole new way.

Accessing the escape room is the goal of a puzzle-trail leading guests on a quest to find clues in the museum’s galleries.

The new attraction is the initial project in a series planned to expand the Royal Armouries entertainment offer to visitors. It also promises family friendly fun and interesting new ways to engage with the collections.

Participants will join the fight to protect ‘our world’ when it is threatened by cosmic chaos in a mythical universe in this new space-themed escape room experience.

‘Agents’ must ensure that the forces of good and evil remain in constant balance.

Should the forces misalign, there could be a shift between the two realms, and the evil forces might infiltrate the real world. Should this crack in time appear, the agents must act fast to save the Earth.

Adam Lumb, Head of Commercial and IP, said: “Royal Armouries has a long history of collaborating with the film, TV and video game industries.

“In 2020, we launch our own entertainment product RA/ID to complement the props from the worlds of other movie franchises in our Make: Believe gallery.

“Partnering with the fantastic team will bring this world to life for our visitors and create a new museum experience. This will incorporate their hallmark of immersive set builds and game play.

“We cannot wait to welcome audiences to try this new way of interacting with our amazing collections”.

Hannah Duraid, Managing Director at The Great Escape Game, said:

“We’re honoured to have been able to collaborate with the Royal Armouries Museum to offer this unprecedented type of experience.

“Leeds is already home to our flagship site, so we can’t wait to see what guests think.”