Let’s get back to business safely– that’s the message from the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and more people return to the roads.

There are several things employers can do to reduce the risks for staff who drive for work purposes.

These steps all form part of the Partnership’s award-winning training session that can help businesses effectively manage work-related road safety among employees.

The Safer Driving at Work session, delivered at the interactive Lifewise Centre in Hellaby, Rotherham, is tailored to suit the needs of individual businesses.

It highlights the potential consequences of a serious road traffic collision through the demonstrations featuring a crash investigation, court proceedings and the first day in prison. Safer Driving at Work is designed to be hard-hitting and thought-provoking to encourage drivers to consider the consequences for them, their families and the company if they make the wrong decision.

If this is something your business may be interested in, the Partnership currently has a small number of FREE sessions available.

Watch our video to find out more about the session:  www.sysrp.co.uk/saferdrivingatwork

As well as our course, the Partnership has recently launched a project to promote eco driving which links to road safety.

Eco driving is about driving economically to be more fuel efficient and lower the risk of wear and tear on a vehicle, in turn saving a business money. It is also about driving ecologically to help cut vehicle emissions and help the environment.

By changing your driving technique and improving your skills, you will find a variety of benefits including comfort and greater safety.

Simple things will make a difference – encourage employees to:

  • Make regular vehicle checks
  • Plan ahead
  • Accelerate/brake smoothly
  • Slow down
  • Maintain steady speeds
  • Remove unnecessary loads.

Drivers need to anticipate what might be going to happen around them and keep a greater distance between them and other vehicles. Basic skills like this will help make you a safer driver.

For more information, please contact: enquiries@sysrp.co.uk or 07794 074 492.

If you would like to find out more about eco driving why not listen to our podcast or watch the short film – visit sysrp.co.uk/eco-drive 

For further road safety information follow us on social media @SYSaferRoads.