The unLTD podcast is back after its little summer holiday – and we want to recruit you as a new listener.

The latest episode is all about just that: recruitment. After the turmoil of the last 18 months, we’ve seen a boom in employers recruiting new staff, but something of a crisis in them finding the right people.

What’s the situation like in South Yorkshire? We chat to Rob Shaw from Glu Recruit to get an insight into how things are looking here.

And with it being harder than ever to land the ideal candidate, we get MD Rob’s top five tips for employers to make sure their recruitment process hits the mark.

Sound quality or content quality – what’s more important in podcasting?

I wrote a fairly long blog on this age-old question the other day (quick plug – you can find it at and thought it was worth an abridged version on this page.

It goes without saying that both are important.

I hate hearing podcasts with low fi sound. That’s usually from poor editing, under par equipment, or an obviously bad internet connection on a remote recording – all relatively easy things to fix. But content IS king, and ultimately it is more important.

You need the right people, the right spark, the right subjects to talk about, the right questions to ask. Sometimes even with the right people, if the spark isn’t there, it doesn’t quite work.

If you get the wrong people and talk about the wrong stuff, no-one’s going to listen just because you sound crystal clear.

Not a single person has ever said: “I find this podcast really boring but I listen because it’s really well-edited.”

But I do think someone might persevere listening to a podcast with poor sound if they find the content genuinely interesting, useful or entertaining. Eventually, you’re going to have to fix it. But, if you can crack the content, you can get the rest to fall into place.

Podcast Spotlight: FilmFile

I only became aware of the FilmFile recently, when the hosts were featured on Harvey Morton’s Social Sanctuary podcast.

Lee is a former Radio Sheffield presenter and Andy is from Liverpool but moved to Sheffield in the 90s – what they have in common is their love of film.

We’re not talking passing interest here – they are serious film buffs, with a ton of experience in different parts of the industry.

There are more than 80 episodes and each one is a deep dive into a movie, be it new or revisiting a classic.

The hosts come across as really likable and their friendship shines through, too.

If you love a good film, either on the silver screen or the little box in the corner of the front room, you will enjoy this podcast.