Sheffield based supplier, Specialised Tools and Equipment Ltd (STEL) is on track to feature its products in a world record attempt.

STEL is backing Manchester based engineer Scott Bradley’s attempt to smash the world record for the fastest ever narrow-gauge rail track vehicle.

His high-powered ‘Jet Train’ is receiving Ironman wheels and brake pads from STEL, based in Attercliffe, as it seeks to beat the current world record in the ‘narrow-gauge’ category of 170 km/h which was originally set by an Australian narrow-gauge tilting train.

The brake pads and Ironman wheels were the only parts that were not handcrafted by Scott and his team. Reaching high speeds it is vital that the braking system supplied by STEL operates perfectly to bring the ‘Jet Train’ to a speedy and safe stop.

Taking place in 2020, Manchester-born Scott will carry out his ‘narrow-gauge’ challenge at one of the two United Kingdom based venues. The attempts will be adjudicated by the Guinness World Records validation team.

Managing Director of Specialised Tools and Equipment Ltd, Andrew Liversidge, said: “It was a real privilege to be given this opportunity by long term customer Scott and to be used as the supplier of choice for his high-powered rail vehicle. The hardworking and reliable team here at STEL delivered exceptional customer service, as they always do, and as a business we cannot wait to see Scott’s attempt in 2020.

“The equipment that we supply here at STEL is second to none and this is a great example of how we support individuals and businesses alike, no matter how large or small.”

Scott Bradley said: “Myself and my team have now handcrafted 11 vehicles that run at 110 km/h but this time we are pushing ourselves even further and aiming for 200km/h to try and make it into the Guinness World Records book so it was extremely important for us to use a trustworthy supplier.

“I opted for STEL given my previous experience with them as they always offer you their time and expertise to ensure that you leave more than satisfied. No matter what the size of your order, STEL always deliver 110 per cent. “