As part of our March/April issue we spoke to six businesses with a Sheffield base who moved to the city because of the great outdoors.

Cy Turner – Cotic Bikes

Cotic is an internationally renowned bike brand, founded in 2003, specialising in mountain bikes and gravel/commute bikes made from steel. Cotic bikes are fun, tough, durable, clean lined and great to own.

We design, develop, assemble, sell, market, demo and ship our frames and bikes from right here in Sheffield and the Peak District, and we supply direct to customers anywhere in the world.

I chose Sheffield to base both myself and the company in 2007 because I wanted to ride straight from my door (I can ride straight out to Blacka Moor from my house), and I wanted my business and my family to be able to take advantage of being in a city whilst being able to directly access the countryside.

Sheffield has an awesome outdoor and mountain biking scene as well, which has only helped with putting Cotic on the map globally. We also support Ride Sheffield which has produced several world firsts for the city in terms of crowd funded mountain bike trails.