Dubbed ‘Sheffield’s own version of New York’s Times Square’, New Era Square’s Phase One launch gave investors, local businesses and organisations an exclusive look at the first half of the large-scale project currently being delivered by New Era Development LTD.

The New Era Square scheme has been recognised as ‘a vital stage in the regeneration of Sheffield city centre’ and has already resulted in the generation of 300,000 man-hours of work during the construction of Phase One.

The project has been welcomed by both shareholders and Sheffield residents, from local businesses who will make use of the retail units and office space, to students looking for a base in Sheffield and the general public who will be able to make use of the retail space, restaurants and cafes.

Jerry Cheung, Managing Director of New Era Development LTD said:Everyone at New Era Development are thrilled with the launch. Phase One has been a long time coming; this project has been in the works since its conception in 2005 so to have reached the official half-way point is incredibly exciting.”

Guests at the event were able to experience first hand some of the features of the New Era Square, including tours of the KH Oriental supermarket and retail units of Costa Coffee and Dunkin’ Donuts.

The ‘Sheffield Chinatown’ as New Era Square has been nicknamed has been designed to ‘integrate the Chinese community with the rest of Sheffield, rather than keeping it separate, and to reflect the future, rather than the past, with a modern take on the ‘Chinatown’ concept.

Phase Two of the project is already underway and will include further student apartments, offices, a medical centre, restaurants and more retail units, adding to those already onsite. The focus of Phase Two will be the China-UK Business Incubator, which will be situated within the office building in the heart of the New Era Square and aims to support and offer practical solutions to both local businesses based in Sheffield and those coming from China into the UK.

Jerry Cheung said: “We’re delighted to already be underway with Phase Two of the project, and grateful for all the support we’ve had from businesses and investors during this development.

“The inclusion of the China-UK Incubator Unit should provide significant investment into the city and we hope will promote the China-UK trade in the Sheffield region as well as initiate a pro-active approach to international business trade. It has also given us the opportunity to partner with both Sheffield Hallam and Sheffield University and once complete it is set to be a great addition to the city.”

Jerry Cheung at the New Era Square (Phase One) Opening Ceremony,

Councillor Mazher Iqbal, cabinet member for business and investment at Sheffield City Council, said: “It’s been great to witness the New Era Square developments up close and to celebrate this remarkable achievement for the city centre.

“New Era Square will be a stunning gateway to the city, a superb standard of accommodation and vibrancy, whilst providing a strong connection to our ongoing business activity in China and the Far East.

“The new incubator will attract businesses from China to establish a presence in Sheffield. By working with the wider business community in Sheffield to provide support, we aspire to provide the best environment for businesses looking to settle in our great city.

“The building is in a development that can be enjoyed by all of Sheffield and its public realm complements our own developments in the Heart Of The City.”

The development highlights the confidence being put onto the Sheffield City Region, placing it at the forefront for developments of this kind and setting an example to future investors.

New Era Square:

  • Founded in 2013 New Era Development (UK) LTD is an international property developer based in Sheffield to develop the New Era Square project.
  • New Era Square is made up of luxury apartments accommodating 686 students, an exclusive 14 private residencies atop an eye catching 21 storey tower, under croft carparking for 90 vehicles and 150 bicycles.
  • The tower in the Square is set to be the joint fifth tallest in Sheffield and will have a barcode hidden in the black strip façade which spells out ‘New Era’.
  • As well as it’s architectural impressiveness, the square aims to be a social hub with a variety of cafes, international restaurants and retail units.
  • New Era Square will also include conference, exhibition and office space including the China-UK Business Incubator designed to support Sheffield’s business interests.
  • The contractors of the project are Bowmer and Kirkland and the architects Hadfield Cawkwell Davidson.
  • 1,640 workers have already been inducted onto the site during Phase One of the build with an average of 135 workers on site per day.
  • The initial stages of the project have generated 300,000 man hours of work with 35% of the workers travelling from less than ten miles away and carrying out 45% of the work.