Sheffield based training provider, Whyy? Change, covers COVID-19’s impact on business leaders and how they can transform their organisations post lockdown.

As the world slowly returns to normality, business owners, leaders, managers and employees are likely going to face change. We’ve all got used to working from home, with Zoom calls and unscripted dogs barking, making it difficult to imagine working in an office again.

Leaders and managers will have to think differently, whilst also utilizing skills gained during lockdown like trust, accountability and flexibility. It’ll be a test as they aim to find the balance between applying what they’ve learnt, and their previous “status quo” mindset.

According to the CMI (Chartered Management Institute), the core attributes that managers will have to work on post-lockdown are building trust, communication, listening skills, being open to diverse perspectives and creating a sense of belonging.

The transition is an opportunity for leaders to change their business direction and improve company culture.

Managers should consider adopting the leader-leader model coming out of lockdown to allow their team by making decisions independently. This means leaders can focus on more meaningful tasks whilst trusting the team to decide how best to get the job done, giving everyone accountability no matter their role.

Coming out of lockdown will require managers to implement the skills they’ve acquired during lockdown in a new era of working life, or risk becoming victims of their own lack of vision.

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