Students from XP School Doncaster have created 50 contemporary Suffragette sashes which are currently on display at Frenchgate Shopping Centre.

Each individually designed sash features a cause or message highlighted by the students ranging from equal pay to animal rights.

The students were asked to consider the question ‘When is it right to rebel?’ and looked at content such as the London riots, Juliet’s refusal to marry her parent’s choice of suitor in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and the campaign of the Suffragettes for votes for women.

One hundred years after the implementation of the Representation of The People Act 1918, giving women the right to vote, the Suffragette Sash – with its distinctive white, green and purple colour scheme – is still symbolic today.

Sophie Robinson the lead on the expedition at XP School said: “All our work expeditions have a leading question and ‘When is it Right to Rebel?’ led to a lot of research and soul searching for the students.

“We looked at how people have reacted and responded to challenging and changing circumstances over the centuries and it was important for the students to see how those responses have changed and continue to change the world we live in today.

“The Suffragette Votes for Women movement were fought for and won is a key case to study and our sashes reflect the significance of this achievement.”

Karen Staniforth, Assistant General Manager at Frenchgate commented: “We’re delighted to be able to work with XP School and display these remarkable and symbolic sashes that connect us with a cause and also a celebration, 100 years on from the first women being able to vote.

“Frenchgate is more than a shopping centre – we aim to support and showcase a wide variety of art and culture throughout the centre with our Art Space alongside our great range of stores.

“We are looking forward to sharing the sashes with our visitors over the next few weeks, as part of the Frenchgate’s acknowledgement of this significant year for all women.”

The sashes are on display outside Waterstones. For more information about Frenchgate, visit