City homeless charity Emmaus Sheffield is accepting electrical goods for sale at its popular Second Hand Superstore after its ‘companions’ qualified to carry out PAT Testing

Emmaus Sheffield is the working community with quality, self-contained accommodation, training facilities and a workspace for previously homeless men and women, known as companions, aged 18 years and over.

And several of the companions have recently been qualified to carry out PAT Testing, which means electrical items on sale at the second hand store are properly working and fit for purpose.

“PAT Testing is a legal requirement and one that has to be carried out by a properly qualified person,” said Emmaus Sheffield Deputy Community Manager Charley Fedorenko.

“Training to carry out this service fits in perfectly with the Emmaus philosophy of providing our Companions with the new skills they need to make a fresh start and it also means we have greater scope for selling items we might not otherwise be able to accept at the store.”

At the same time, other companions have been completing an electrical repair course.

“Many charities will not accept faulty items but with our team now qualified to both repair and to PAT test items, please do think of us before you throw away unwanted electrical goods because we may be able to get them working and ready for a new home,” said Charley.


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