Pleased to see unLTD making an impact

We were pleasantly surprised, but hugely pleased, that unLTD has been shortlisted in the Sheffield Business Awards for the Creative Impact Award.

When we started the magazine, we had no idea of the reaction we’d get from the city region business community.

Our aim was to produce a publication that spoke to people in their language. We didn’t want it to be full of jargon or bordering on the pretentious when – in the real world – most of us just want to do a good day’s work and then go home.

That’s not to say that work is just a 9 to 5. We tend to see our colleagues for longer than some members of our family so it’s important that our employers provide the right environment for us to be at our best for what we’re paid to do.

One of the features I’m most proud of is the ‘Company Culture’ pages where we have profiled several local businesses who are going above and beyond in what they provide for their staff – including Office Friendly and BHP.

We also wanted to take people away from the office so the ‘After Hours’ section was created giving ideas for weekend’s away or the best places to get your sweet treats – and then in a later issue the best gyms to burn off all those calories!

Awards are important for businesses. The PR firm I run, HRM, regularly put together applications on behalf of our clients for industry or regional awards.

They provide a focus for the business and a validation of how well you’re doing if you’re shortlisted or even lucky enough to come out on top. Some of our most satisfying work is when we hear about a client winning.

Work is hard enough at times so it’s important to celebrate the successes – or at the very least be in a position where you’re committing all the good things you do to paper.

Whether we win or lose at the awards next month we’re proud of how far we’ve come in less than two years. And without sounding sycophantic it can only be done with great stories to tell.

So, thank you.

Spare a thought for the Christmas party organiser

Everyone ready for their Christmas party? Bit soon? Well, I bet by the end of the month you’ll know someone who has already had theirs.

A very quick search online sees venues offering ‘Christmas Nights’ from as early as November 22!

This isn’t an article bemoaning Christmas hype arriving earlier every year – far from it, it’s one of the best times of the year.

Workplaces have a different feel as party season begins, whether that’s your own one or attending those you have been invited to by clients or partner organisations.

I do, however, feel sorry for the person in the office who is entrusted with organising the Christmas party. It’s a thankless task and one that invariably doesn’t please all of the people all of the time.

First there’s finding a date that suits everyone, then there’s matching that date with the venue of your choice. Finding the right venue is a whole saga in itself! And all the time there are budgets to work towards as well as the day job to be getting on with.

I wonder whether it is possible to both organise a Christmas party and enjoy it at the same time. Surely the two separate elements aren’t compatible.

Whenever you have your Christmas bash have a good one and if you can remember to say thank you to the organiser then all the better!