Digital marketing agency Evoluted has adapted every element of working life to the ‘new normal’ and made sure that its digital marketing meet-up, Sheffield DM, will never have to cancel an event again.

Sheffield DM has had a complete turnaround since the pandemic hit and has gone above and beyond to future proof itself by taking on a hybrid way of holding events.

The free digital marketing meetups started off as a niche Sheffield based networking event three years ago with a small audience each time.

The number of people at each event grew slightly as word got around about the fantastic guest speakers but it wasn’t until the pandemic put the brakes on gatherings that Sheffield DM was given the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Due to COVID-19, the face-to-face events came to a halt and the event was held online. Surprisingly, this accelerated the quantity of individuals wanting access to the event, allowing the popularity of the meet up to expand far greater than expected.

The new hybrid approach is a perfect merger of face-to-face and online meetups, allowing people to attend in person, or allowing them to tune in from the comfort of their own homes.

Giorgio Cassella, marketing director at Evoluted, said: “The north was lacking an event like Sheffield DM which is why we wanted to fill the gap and provide something for those who were really interested in the digital marketing field.

“The opportunity to hold the Sheffield DM events in person as well as online has completely transformed the popularity of the event and exceeded our expectations.

“We can now reach people internationally and have grown the value of Sheffield DM beyond the local area, which is what we have always wanted for the event.

“Our three-year anniversary at The Workstation Creative Lounge in November was a huge success and a perfect example of how well hybrid events can work when executed correctly. We wanted to provide our online audience the same experience they would receive if they had attended the face-to-face event and the whole evening went better than we could have imagined.”

The team plan is to continue to hold a bi-monthly hybrid Sheffield DM events for as long as possible to allow them to keep growing and reach as many people as possible until they become a staple of the national digital community.

Each event offers new guest speakers who specialise across all areas of digital marketing including SEO, paid media, PR, customer experience and more, providing something interesting for everyone.

It isn’t just Sheffield DM that has adapted to the new way of working, Evoluted as a whole has gone from strength to strength since the beginning of the pandemic, using the time as an opportunity to flourish as a business and transform its working culture.

For most businesses, the pandemic was an increasingly daunting period with a multitude of issues arising every day. However, for Evoluted, the pandemic allowed it to assist and work with an influx of companies in need of immediate digital transformation.

Providing digital solutions to develop companies through driving growth and nurturing start-up and small businesses has always been in the DNA of Evoluted. However, as Evoluted has grown it can now focus on working with further developed companies that know where they want their businesses to go.

Company culture and how to provide for its employees is something that Evoluted prides itself on.

Over the last 12 months, the company has brought in an array of new initiatives to make working life the best it can be for their team. From allowing staff to work completely remotely, to offering regular mental health support sessions, all these extra benefits have shaped Evoluted into the company it is today.

Managing director, Ash Young, said: “From the beginning of Evoluted, our core values have centred around ‘people over profits’. Without our amazing team, there would be no company at all so providing for our staff is at the forefront of our priorities.

“We want to be the best possible agency we can be and in order to retain and recruit the best, you must invest in them. Our long-term goal is to always have staff leave us in a better position to what they joined us, and we can only do that if we support and train them up to the best of our abilities.

“People now come to us during interviews and tell us the great things they have heard about our working culture and how we take care of our employees, which for us is such a massive compliment and just goes to show that our dedication to our staff has transformed the way in which people view Evoluted as a whole.”

The hard work and transformation of the Evoluted team has not just been recognised internally.

Over recent months, Evoluted has prioritised putting itself forward for multiple awards to allow the whole team to be recognised by an external source.

This has resulted in winning a variety of awards such as the Prolific North Best Independent Agency of the year award and even the Best Large Integrated Agency at the UK Search Awards, all of which have pushed Evoluted to continue to thrive as an agency.

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