Jon Asquith, MD of Action Coach Sheffield, shares the story of his clients Open House Pictures and how they have gone from strength to strength over the last year.

As a business growth strategist working with the best Sheffield has to offer, I’m always intrigued by the personalities running businesses. My clients surprise me every week with their insights and willingness to develop skills and techniques.

In this piece I’ll share the journey of one client in particular – Open House – explaining what they did to get to where they’ve got and giving some top tips for other businesses.

Tell us a little more about your business? 

We’re a video production company that works to a different angle. Our focus is results based. Whilst it’s integral a video looks good and hits the right marks, what’s more important is the impact it has for our clients. We produce a variety of video content from promotional, social media, event filming and more but our goal is always the same. We want our clients to utilise the power of video in the best way. Gaining them leads, sales and exposure. We set up in 2018 and as we grew, we knew our clients wanted to see a real benefit from video, which is why we actively shape and develop their content to deliver on these key goals.

What growth have you seen in the last twelve months?

We’ve had a very successful start to 2022, our turnover has increased dramatically since the year began and we can’t wait to capitalise this into real business growth – earning the profit we made across 2021 in just our first quarter. In the last 12 months we’ve seen the business grow from strength to strength, working with a really exciting and varied set clients from the Cabinet Office, Atkinsons Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University and more. We’re now recruiting for additional team members to meet the demand and expanding our offering through new equipment and education

What would you say has been the biggest thing you’ve done in the last year?

Our biggest achievement is the transformation of our business through newly implemented processes and operations. We’re now far more streamlined and efficient. We used to be more service-focused, putting our energy into completing projects as opposed to equally running our company. But we soon realised that this let important areas of our business slip. Over the last year we really directed our attention to creating systems and processes to ensure all our projects run seamlessly and standardised. We couldn’t be happier with the results; our business practically runs itself.

If you were to offer advice to any entrepreneur reading this, what advice would you give them and why? 

Myself and co-founder Joe always discuss the power of persistence. When we first started, we were so naive to the world of running your own business. But we’ve found that by giving it our time and energy every day again and again you get through those difficult hurdles and really progress.It can be difficult, in the moment, to feel like you’re not moving” but every day spent on your business is still taking it forward. Consistency is key. Oh, and get a business coach! One of the best investments we ever made was getting a coach to guide us and the advice/expertise you receive is invaluable.

What’s next for you and the business? What should we look forward to seeing? 

Our objective for now is increasing our team to expand our capacity, by the end of the year we want to multiply the number of projects we can do at once. We love the work we do and switching between different projects is what keeps us creative and on our toes. With a larger team, we open up that opportunity as well as increasing our time spent on other areas of the business. Each year we’ve taken the business to a place we never thought was possible, with this year impacting Open House so positively we can’t wait to see how we grow and expand in the coming months.

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