Jon Asquith of Action Coach Sheffield speaks with client Daniel Stocks of DPS Facades about their work to grow Dan’s business and how Dan has built a team of industry specialists who all pull in the same direction.

Working with Dan over the last two years has shown how important courageous decision-making is at the right time. The key to Dan’s success has been shown around a core value of his – “always hire people better than you”. It’s easy to sit in the ego seat and focus on being the smartest in the room, but Dan wants to learn from the room and company he is in. Here’s a snapshot of what Dan has done over the last two years.

Tell us a little more about your business? 

I am the founder and CEO at DPS Facades Ltd. Since our incorporation back in 2007, we have grown from a small team of façade installers to a nationally recognised, specialist façade contractor that delivers the design, supply and installation of aluminium glazing systems and rainscreen cladding to multiple sectors across the whole of the UK.

What growth have you seen in the last 12 months?

We’ve experienced growth in every area of the business over the past twelve months, turnover has increased by 46 per cent, net profit by 2,620 per cent, the team has grown by 40 per cent.

I have made immeasurable growth since I started working with Jon Asquith at Action Coach. Jon has worked with our whole team to develop many areas such as, but not limited to; better systems, leadership & management techniques, financial processes but most importantly, he’s been involved with our team development and structure.

What would you say has been the biggest thing you’ve done in the last year?

We’ve had a productive year and made some fantastic progress given the difficult period we’ve all been through during the pandemic. I would say the three biggest things are:

Working with Jon from Action Coach on a weekly basis. The coaching, education, confidence, skills and accountability that Jon brings to the whole team are a major factor in our success

Setting up a new company called Revo Fabrications. Revo manufactures our aluminium glazing system products and allows us to control the quality, delivery and costs better than ever before

Building a great team! This is my proudest achievement to date. For me, everything revolves around the team.

If you were to offer advice to any entrepreneur reading this, what advice would you give them and why? 

It would have to be to invest as much as you can – in both your people and yourself. Build a team that pulls in the same direction and embraces your culture – and realise you need to be at your best to achieve your vision. Invest in coaches and mentors, who practice what they preach and can develop you into the person you need to reach your goals.

What’s next for you and the business? What should we look forward to seeing? 

Massive growth!

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