Andy Freeman, Co-Director and Founder of Space to Breathe

Tell us about your business – sell yourself! 

Space to Breathe is committed to supporting people’s wellbeing in their workplace, community or everyday life. We use simple non-religious spirituality as our tool to do this, enabling people to live well, live fully and live deeply.

Wellbeing is in the public profile at the moment. At its heart though wellbeing is an idea that sits behind a product you buy or care that’s provided for you.  Behind each service there is a team of human beings who themselves suffer from all the stresses we do. If we take time to sustain people in all they do, they in turn are able to sustain and help us.

Space to Breathe provides practical tools, personal solutions and creative ideas to change working environments so that we are sustained in what we do, so that we can thrive and enable us to more and more ourselves each day.

What gave you the idea for your business? 

I have a background working in faith communities and at one time I even considered the priesthood. I guess I was a bit too rebellious for that but instead gained a passion for caring for people and their wellbeing.

In 2008 I began to experiment with wellbeing ideas at work just as UK was at the beginning of recession. Ideas and projects developed and what started a s a side-line became my main focus. In 2017, Space to Breathe started trading as a Community Interest Company.

Who are your customers and how are you targeting them? 

We work across many different fields. We support businesses who know wellbeing for staff is vital but don’t know where to begin. We support social entrepreneurs and new businesses by providing supportive environments to work and combating isolation. We find many caring professions carry a huge burden of stress and workplace pressure and so we work with hospitals, schools and community projects to support their staff.

If anyone approaches us with a wellbeing challenge, we are willing to try and help if we can. Why not drop us an email?

How can people get in touch with you? (Full contact details inc website plus social media etc)

Space to Breathe is based in the emerging co-working space at the Abbeydale Picture House on the Abbeydale Road. You can get in touch with us on our website, or on social media or drop me a line at