Work smarter, not harder, to maximise your impact

I have recently been approached by a couple of charities to undertake some business planning.  These have been established charities, where you would think that they would have a handle on strategy and planning, but COVID-19 has changed their project delivery and impact on their beneficiaries.

Many organisations just stepped up to the mark when the pandemic hit, closing the doors, but they kept listening to their beneficiaries and they kept reaching out and supporting their needs – as varied as these were and as changing as they were.

What is now the case is that Articles of Association are out of date and don’t necessarily relate to what the charity is trying to deliver in their objects now.  Many CEOs have found that their policies and procedures are out of date since they were last reviewed prior to COVID-19.

Make sure that what you want to achieve is matched by your documentation with the Charity Commission or the CIC Regulator.  Funders will do their due diligence and if what you want to deliver isn’t in the Constitution objects, they won’t fund you and all that time and energy of making that funding application will be wasted.

Work smarter and not harder within your organisation to maximise your impact.

Consider reviewing your Constitution, policies and procedures post COVID and call me for a chat if you feel I can help. Wendy Ward, 0772 9481010,


King Ecgbert’s business brains raise more than 5,000 for St Luke’s

Sixth form students at Sheffield’s King Ecgbert’s School demonstrated their heads for business when they raised more than £5,000 for St Luke’s Hospice.

The sixth form’s 15 form groups each worked in teams to turn their £10 seed funds into as much money as possible for the charity in just eight weeks.

Among their fundraising ideas were bake sales, auctions, sweet sales, raffles and a sponsored haircut for a member of staff – all raising a total of £5568.37.

At the end of the two-month fundraising marathon, the teams made presentations to St Luke’s outlining how the money had grown.

Matt Sheridan, St Luke’s Fundraising account manager, said: “We have been absolutely impressed by the professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm of the King Ecgbert’s Angels.

“The presentations were brilliant and the whole panel was really blown away by the level of maturity and positivity shown by all involved.”