Sheffield Chamber is there to help our members to grow and be more successful. We take seriously our responsibility to be a strong and thoughtful voice of the business community.

One challenge we face is ensuring that voice is representative of the wider business community. Eyebrows are too often raised when a Chamber of Commerce becomes a mouthpiece for one person.

For those paying attention, Sheffield Chamber is undergoing a bit of a transformation. It is enjoying more than a lick of paint. The Board and Council that oversee the management of the organisation are thinking deeply about how we represent the views of our members and the wider business community.

Sheffield Chamber Council is where the action is. Every year, representatives of the Chamber membership are elected onto the Chamber Council for a rolling three-year term. Members of the Council bring their expertise and insight to shape what we have to say on important issues impacting businesses in the city.

Decades ago, your place on the Council was guaranteed if you felt comfortable in a grey suit and tie. That is perhaps a bit unfair, but you get the point. Times move on. Over the years a quiet transformation has been under way. Slowly but surely the Chamber has drawn

together a more diverse range of business leaders. Sheffield Chamber is now far more representative of the wider business community. We welcomed 5 new members in October.

You can check out their profiles at

The change does not stop there. Behind the scenes Sheffield Chamber is completely redesigning how we make policy so that more of our members can shape what we have to say on key issues impacting businesses in the city. Early in 2021 we will be launching new Chamber Hubs. Strategic Hubs are for those businesses that want to set the agenda and shape the strategy of the city. Business Hubs are places where businesses can gather online, and in person, to collaborate, share insights, spot opportunities and make new connections. We are thinking differently which is why these Business Hubs are called Visionaries, Explorers, Innovators and Accelerators. More will be revealed in the new year.

There are over 30,000 businesses in the city. We want to ensure every business sees a reason to join our community of members. Being a member of Sheffield Chamber ensures your voice is heard and that we are representing your view. Chamber Council is rapidly becoming the place where business leaders gather to shape the voice of Sheffield’s business community. Join us. You would be more than welcome.