Sheffield’s Twinkl has installed a total of 148 solar panels on the roof of its Ecclesall Road headquarters, as part of its commitment to minimising its carbon footprint.

The 50 kW solar power system will produce 41,000 kWh per year, enough to power 150 computers and air conditioning at Twinkl’s headquarters, whilst also putting some energy back into the national grid.

Twinkl is hoping to inspire other businesses in Sheffield to consider using solar, with the panels not only providing clean energy but also economic savings. It is expected that over a period of two decades the solar panels will save the company over £160,000.

The solar panels were installed by Homeco Energy, a renewable energy systems provider based in Sheffield, which offers renewable energy systems to homes, schools and businesses.

Chris Neil, Company Director of Homeco Energy, said: “We are proud to work in conjunction with Twinkl on this project  Whilst this particular installation offered its own unique challenges it is great to see a local, successful business leading the way in reducing their environmental impact, whilst at the same time helping to significantly reduce their energy costs.

“The cost of solar panels has fallen exponentially over the last few years and for most companies the business case for installing panels really adds up.”

It is estimated that the solar panels will allow Twinkl to save over 10 tonnes of CO2 in the first year alone. It would take around 12,000 trees to absorb this much CO2 in a year. In 20 years, the solar panels are expected to save over 350 tonnes of CO2. 

Jonathan Seaton, co-founder and CEO of Twinkl, said: “Installing these solar panels is the most recent of several changes we’ve made to ensure that Twinkl continues to be sustainable and to minimise our impact on the environment. 

“There is sometimes a belief that reducing environmental impact comes at a great financial cost. We recognise that the benefits for the environment are much greater but that in the long term these solar panels are financially sustainable too, and they are generally low maintenance. We’re really pleased that we’re able to continue doing the great work we’re doing whilst cutting down on carbon emissions.”

The news comes less than a month after the first-ever ‘Manifesto for the North’ was published by northern businesses, third sector organisations and elected leaders. This five-point manifesto calls for the government to invest in northern cities in the UK and enable them to “lead a green industrial revolution”.

Twinkl is committed to reducing its carbon footprint through the use of renewable energy sources and careful management of its activities, products and services. As well as using a renewable power supply, and recycling all office papers and toners, Twinkl produces a range of resources to support teaching about environmental issues.