Dan Fell, Doncaster Chamber CEO, said: “It takes time to wade through the detail of budget announcements and there can sometimes be a gap between the headlines and reality on the ground.

“However, as an initial response, this is a budget that looks positive for businesses but that – despite the very welcome reference to Doncaster in the Chancellor’s speech and allocation of Levelling Up funds – could have gone further to support regional economic development.

“In recent weeks, businesses have expressed dismay to me when it comes to Government’s tone of voice when talking about employers, skills shortages, and economic challenges.  This budget will help to restore confidence in the business community that Government ‘gets it’ and is trying to mitigate the numerous complex and immense pressures that businesses are presently contending with.

“The Chancellor’s budget also included welcome and much needed support for the hospitality industry and aviation sector – an industry critical to local economic development.  The eye-catching 50% discount rate announced for businesses within the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors will be a helpful lifeline to many and, pleasingly, shows a Government willing to think outside the box.

“Similarly, the announcement that the government has hit the pause button on fuel duty hikes will be welcome news for businesses hindered by recent fuel supply and supply chain issues.

“We will be reviewing the details but are encouraged by the Government again showing positive regard for businesses and wealth creators, and by another welcome – if incremental – investment into our borough.”