A Sheffield Hallam University graduate and ‘real music fan’ has launched a new website aimed at changing the way gig-goers approach the ticket-buying and selling process.

Aiming to make buying tickets to the latest gigs and concerts simple, ethical and affordable, Seat Surfer has been founded by Lewis Danby – a ‘real music fan, for other real music fans’.

The portal seeks to connect those with tickets to sell, to fans looking to buy great tickets at a reasonable price. By cutting out the music industry ticket touts, Seat Surfer fills a gap in the market for a company which ‘exists to serve those who truly love music’.

“I’m just a standard gig-goer,” says Seat Surfer founder Lewis Danby. “I have all the frustrations that any other fan has – logging on at 9am, trying to get tickets, failing, and then finding them on resale sites at £100s for a ticket worth £20. That’s the whole principle behind Seat Surfer. We’re created by fans, for fans.”

Lewis stresses that the site’s emphasis on ethical ticket sales does not seek to stop third-party ticket sales, but simply to support the process via a trusted and responsible platform.

“I set up Seat Surfer on my own, after losing out on tickets to see The Cure – I was being asked to pay £300 for a £70 ticket,” says Lewis. “That was the final straw. I knew there must be another way.”

The portal never charges sellers a penny, even when their tickets sell. Signing up involves payment protection and a new checkout via PayPal, with all payment processing held until after the gig to ensure buyers are confident their tickets were correct and valid.