The team at WorkfromHub have been looking at how employers are responding to hybrid working. From listening to a range of businesses, they have heard new policies are needed to support staff and that data privacy has been brought back into the spotlight. It seems that people’s workspace environment is a factor in leaking information. They explain more…

Remote working has created a great opportunity for a better work/life balance for many. With the potential to work from anywhere, people are ditching the five-day week in the office and exploring their hybrid working options. This change to the working week is well supported by evidence, for example according to a Leeds University study:

  • 49 per cent of employees want Hybrid working to be their permanent way of working
  • 9 out of 10 businesses expect the majority of workers to undertake some form of hybrid working
  • 30 per cent of employees seek a third space to work from

However, hybrid working is creating a new set of challenges for employers. At the start of the lockdown, we were all in emergency mode – we did what we could to make it work. Some did better than others and many benefitted from new-found flexibility. As we have moved out of the emergency phase and into recovery, things are beginning to change.

Picture this not-so-uncommon scene: you were on the move and away from your normal office, you needed somewhere to work from or to join your team meeting on Zoom, then a client meeting, before finishing off an end-of-quarter report. The co-working space or café was your only choice and now your habit. You knew people could see and hear what you were doing, but you had no option.

We know this scene happens, and we also know that sensitive information will be leaking out of companies. There is no denying hybrid working is here to stay and employers are adapting to this new way of working. The question we’re being asked is: “how do we support remote working, without compromising our data?”

This is where WorkfromHub can offer a helping hand…

WorkfromHub not only provides a high quality and connected space, but the key is PRIVACY.

  • Our hubs are soundproofed, to stop our users from being overheard.
  • One way glass eliminates the possibility of anyone capturing a glimpse of your private data.
  • Space for two people, to have those private conversations without being overheard or overlooked.

Coming up with a remote working policy will be a task for employers to constantly re-evaluate, and studies have shown that it’s vital to include employees in that decision too. However, the need to ensure data is always private, protected and secure will never change. If you are looking for re-assurance that your information isn’t leaking when employees are working remotely, then WorkfromHub is here to help.

Our vision is to provide calm, distraction-free and private spaces for people to do their best work, anywhere.

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