We’re confident 2021 will be a great year – it couldn’t be much worse than 2020, anyway! And we’re delighted to announce we’ll be beginning an unLTD podcast, which will be broadcast monthly and will bring the very best interviews and news from the business community across our region.

Our team is working with local podcast producer James Marriott to create something we can be proud of and you can enjoy.

Here he explains the process behind making a great podcast.

Podcasting is a brilliant way to get your message out – whether it’s about what your company does, or your personal brand, leading the conversation in your niche, just for a bit of fun – or any other reason.

But how? I’ve narrowed it down to four main barriers people face – and one simple solution.

  1. The strategy – coming up with the idea is the easy bit, but what about the format, how long it should be, how often you should do it, what the intro should sound like? And what if there’s already someone doing the same thing? And do you know what you’re actually trying to achieve? You need a strategy, not an idea.


  1. Knowledge – You only know what you know! Imposter syndrome is a huge issue in podcasting. You need to learn about how it all works, how to record episodes, what equipment you need, what editing is all about, how all the tech works, how to promote it – it’s a long list.


  1. Start – call it procrastination if you like, but so many people get this far and never actually get the heck on with it. I get it – knowing everything is one thing, but then applying it into actually picking up the mic and making a start is still quite intimidating.


  1. Launch – the final hurdle. Getting a podcast launched to the world should be easy, yet it seems so complicated. What’s a hosting platform? How do I set up my RSS feed? How do I get it on Apple? What about Spotify? How do I upload audio? So many questions.

So what’s the solution? My one day podcast workshop. It’s split into four sections exactly as outlined above.

We spend the first part of the day working out your strategy – nailing down the idea, cracking the format, drawing up a plan for the first six episodes, and figuring out the answers to those many all-important questions which form a strategy.

Then we figure out what you need to learn. The aim is by the end of the day, you go away feeling like you know everything about podcasting so you can get the heck on with it.

Next it’s all about making that start. We use all the strategy and knowledge from the first two steps and together, we plan out, record, edit and mix a trailer for the podcast, so you actually have something live!

Finally, it’s time to get it launched. Yep, it seems scary, but together we’ll set up your audio hosting platform, complete all the settings, upload your trailer, create your feed, and then submit the show to Apple and Spotify. Those steps often take people weeks or months to crack – we’ll have it done in a day.

To speak to James about setting up your podcast day email him on: james@jae.media



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