You read it in unLTD first! Back in March we interviewed Templand Group CEO Jason Denmark about his acquisition plans – here he updates us on the ‘unique offer’ his latest deal has created

Alongside his career progression from offshore fishing to cutting-edge telecommunications via international retail and a stint as a mental health nurse, Jason Denmark told unLTD back in edition 11 of The Templand Group’s intentions to seek appropriate acquisitions.
Now the Group, founded on the principle that SME-size businesses can prosper by being part of a larger entity, has announced its acquisition of Newline Communications Ltd, a specialist in under and over-ground telecoms installations and external works.
The acquisition has already proven a wise investment. Newline’s turnover has almost doubled since becoming part of Templand. Meanwhile the Group as a whole exceeded the ambitious revenue and profitability goals of its three-year strategy and this year increased employee numbers by 32 per cent after an increase the year before of 15 per cent.
Jason told unLTD: “We acquired Newline to complement our Network and Electrical Services divisions, adding civil engineering and other technical experience.
“This has given the Group the unusual ability within our industry to offer what’s known as a ‘turnkey’ service to telecoms network providers.
“Already as a result we’ve won many new contracts because we can offer this end-to-end service, securing work which requires a combination of the expertise of all three divisions.
“Individual revenues for all three divisions including Newline have also increased, showing how the Group’s financial oversight, management support and knowledge sharing gives its businesses the foundations to achieve their full potential.”
Further growth is expected to come organically, with multiple new contracts agreed this year with existing clients on top of previously contracted work.
“We are a lean and agile business, constantly reviewing overheads but never sacrificing quality of service,” added Jason. “We invest in our people too, giving them the capability, confidence and skills to deliver high quality work.
“Looking after your staff’s training, professional and personal development is the right thing to do, highlighted further as we retained the Ministry of Defence’s ERS Gold Award. It also makes business sense – by exceeding service standards to our clients we generate loyalty and customer referrals.
“Some other providers suffer enormous erosion to their margin when they need to return to jobs to put things right. We get things right first time.”
So what’s the latest forecast?
The group will continue to seek complementary businesses as potential acquisitions, he says, explaining: “We service and deploy game-changing innovations including the 5G rollout and the uptake of the Internet of Things (IoT).
“With more and more organisations using the IoT to stay connected, and continued demands for network speed and capacity increases, we are confident our industry will continue to require trustworthy, dynamic partners.
“We’ll cement our reputation for quality and excellence, continue to invest in our fantastic people and regional supply chain, and accelerate our growth through winning more work and finding further businesses which underpin our services at the front of telecommunications innovation.”
Watch this space!

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