Leading engineering specialist, Sheffield Forgemasters has welcomed its latest intake of 15 apprentices, who are training for crucial positions across the business.

The latest recruitment of apprentices provides jobs across the company in roles ranging from machinists to associate project managers as the company future-proofs the business with a younger workforce and new skills-sets.

The 2019 intake will provide fully paid, four-year apprenticeships to the applicants, recruited from across South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire and tcomplies with all new Government approved training standards, funding and assessment plans.

Rick Franckeiss, group training manager at Sheffield Forgemasters, said: “It is always exciting to welcome these forward thinking individuals to our company and we look forward to helping them establish life-long careers with good salaries and the chance to progress within the business.

This year’s apprentices intake builds on our largest ever recruitment of 33 apprentices last year, taking our total number of apprentices to 61 out of 680 staff, almost ten per cent of our workforce.

These individuals are the future of the company and factor into our plans to manage succession and retirements within our operations. The company is making a significant commitment in terms of wages, training fees and mentoring time for our apprentices, but it is a long-term investment.

We have to develop our own skills base and appoint trainees in jobs such as electrical and mechanical engineering, machining, laboratory work and project management because the projects we undertake are so unique.”

Sheffield Forgemasters has been a staunch champion of modern apprenticeships over the last two decades and has recently been nominated by Sheffield Hallam University for an honorary degree in recognition of the important work of its management and staff.

Rick added: “We actively seek out candidates who demonstrate a positive attitude, are keen to engage and are attentive and willing to learn, it’s a steep learning curve and we need them to meet challenges head on.”

All of the apprenticeships were publicised on www.sheffieldforgemasters.com website and also via the Sheffield College, which partners Forgemasters in the training of its apprentices.

Sheffield Forgemasters is a world leader in the delivery of engineering research and development projects, forging technologies, steelmaking and ultra-large steel castings, tracing its roots in Sheffield back for more than 200 years.