To celebrate the beginning of 2023, we asked key professionals from across South Yorkshire to share their personal New Year’s resolutions and the goals for their businesses. If you haven’t set your resolutions for this year yet, keep reading for some inspiration!

Andy File, Managing director of Andy File Associates

“I’d like to get out and network more throughout 2023. Most of our clients are referrals from candidates, clients, contacts from networking and friends, but now we’ve got a bigger team and with the addition of Martin Gowland as our recruitment manager, we’re keen to expand our client and contact base. If I can get to an event or two every month, I think it would really help the business.

“I’m also determined to continue to look after my health wmore. My target for 2023 is to be under 16 stone each month, in comparison to when I was 17 stone 8lbs the Christmas before the pandemic hit, struggling with poor sleep as a result. I appreciate the big impact that can have on my day-to-day life and I’m determined to keep up with exercising more and eating healthier throughout this year.”

Jill White, Partner at Andy Hanselman Consulting

“2023 will be the year I slow down! I’ve threatened that every year, but this is the year for me. Slowing down, saying no and eventually going to that blooming spa. I’m also going to say goodbye to grey roots and from now on I will now be turning up to events looking chilled, glowing and on time! Wish me luck!”

Harvey Morton, Founder and managing director of Harvey Morton Digital

“My New Year’s resolution is to take more holidays. It’s easy to let the year run away with you and I’ve been burnt out on a number of occasions. I’d like to invest more time in myself and ensure I’m getting the time off I need.

“Also, another big goal is to complete my debut book, which focuses on helping young people start their own businesses. It’s due to be published in summer 2023 and I’m looking forward to seeing this come to fruition and to all of the opportunities that will bring with it.”

Mark Farnsworth, Head of commercial services at The Sheffield College

“After running marathons this year to raise money for local charities, a big resolution for me in 2023 is to take on an ultramarathon. It’s a big step up, but an ultramarathon is a great challenge I’m ready to take on, especially if I can help some amazing organisations in the process!”

Andy Hanselman, Partner at Andy Hanselman Consulting

“I’ll be continuing to push on, deliver more speaking engagements across the world, and even more online learning. I’d also like to write more books, keep delivering training programmes, continue my research and keep on thinking in 3D!”

Holly Jenkins, Director of Jenx

“My New Year’s resolution is to do more hiking. Over this year I’ve begun to explore more of the Peak District – it’s only on my doorstep but until now I’ve never made the most of it so 2023 will be the year for that to change. I’ve got some new boots (made in Yorkshire!) waiting for me under the tree and I’m booked on a navigation course in February so hopefully, I won’t get (too) lost. I’m hoping there will be some opportunities to do the Yorkshire Three Peaks or even bigger challenges later in the year to raise money for our Charity of the Year 2023.”

James Biggin, Managing director of Steel City Marketing

“I try to reflect often and look at what has gone well so I can continue to work on these things, rather than set a resolution I feel pressure from. I like to set aims and goals that I know are within reach, even if they are challenging. In business, I’d like to feel more confident and worry less. In 2023, I also aim to check in on myself and my team more to see if there are ways we can do things better.

“On a personal level, running is a level of discipline where I enjoy setting goals. In 2021 I did too much, whereas in 2022 I set three goals and am pleased to say I achieved them all. So, with that in mind I will do the same for 2023 and train accordingly!”