There’s a lot of talk about ‘Purpose’, ‘Culture’ and ‘Leadership’ at the moment and how important it is in today’s economy and especially in the SME sector. If there ever was a leader that put purpose and culture at the forefront of everything they do, Adam Murray is that leader. Having worked with Urbana for nearly two years and seen the growth and impact that they have had on our local economy, it is evident how leading with purpose is a vital skill to master. I for one cannot wait to see how the team at Urbana keeps innovating, challenging the norm and leading the way when it comes to planning in today’s ever more urban world.

Tell us a little more about your business?

Urbana is an urbanism, town planning and development consultancy with a passion for the built environment and making cities better places to live.

We’re a small but passionate team – with “team” being the key word. We like to work with like-minded people from across the industry who share our key values.

What growth have you seen in the last twelve months?

We’ve had an interesting 12 months. One that has seen an upward curve in turnover and profit, and some more awards to add to the trophy cabinet. However, most importantly, in recent months, following on from a few situations we’ve had to deal with, we’ve rediscovered each other. We don’t just believe that people make cities, but that people are the essence of Urbana and why we do what we do. Personal growth and goals sit alongside professional achievement in Urbana, and we all act together to ensure we all grow and achieve together.

What would you say has been the biggest thing you’ve done in the last year?

Creating Urbana Partnerships. This vehicle allows us to work in close partnership with landowners, investors, developers, contractors, end users and public sector bodies to ensure we can take a proposal from the first concept all the way through to people living and working in our completed proposals. The Urbana Partnerships model works differently from a simple client/consultant relationship, as everyone in the team is involved in all aspects of the scheme, working to agreed principles of great design, sustainability, and commercial reality. This ensures we are living our core values of making cities better and creating communities that people want to live in.

QIf you were to offer advice to any entrepreneur reading this, what advice would you give them and why?

Surround yourself with people who you trust, people who have achieved in your industry and can provide insight and greater knowledge in the key areas you are working in. Also, go for it, don’t sit in your comfort zone, if you’re not a little bit scared, you’re not doing it right.

What’s next for you and the business? What should we look forward to seeing?

More from our new Urbana Partnerships business. We have some big and exciting schemes we’ve been working on for some time. These will become public very soon, allowing us to demonstrate to the industry and the wider public, the benefits of committing to schemes in this way.