The UK is a nation of pet lovers and for 18 per cent of households that means sharing our homes with one or more feline friends.

There are an estimated 10.9 million domestic cats currently living in the UK. But how much do we really know about our furry companions?

At Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel we never cease to be amazed by the intriguing and unique behaviour of cats.

Longcroft Fulwood, Sheffield was opened by Amy Wakefield in September 2019 and is the most recent addition to the Longcroft family, which now numbers 22 five-star cat hotels in the UK.

At Longcroft we know the importance of the unique and symbiotic relationship that cats have with their human companions, and we are focused on creating a nurturing environment for our feline guests when they are away from home.

We have seen a growing awareness among owners of the importance of animal care and welfare, which reflects a huge national trend.

There has been a move towards greater pet ownership in the UK over recent years, with today’s owners more likely to see their pet as part of the family.

The current generation of pet owners are also more health conscious and better informed than ever before. They demand more premium, high quality pet food and a more stimulating environment for their beloved pussycats.

James Herriot, the famous veterinarian and writer, once wrote that “Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.”

What is Longcroft?

Longcroft is the UK’s first luxury hotel group for cats. Founded in 2010, the company has grown rapidly thanks to its revolutionary approach to cat boarding. Longcroft places animal welfare at its heart.

It offers peace of mind to the most discerning cat owners when they go away, by providing a tailored experience for its guests.

The custom built, fully-licensed cat hotel is home to six luxury suites. Each of the hotel’s suites includes a bedroom, leading onto a private, safe, garden play area, complete with multi-storey viewing platforms..

Longcroft Fulwood offers an experience designed to be as close to the guests’ home life as possible. One-on-one care and room service is also offered as standard.

Amy will meticulously plan every detail for her feline guests, with their comfort and hygiene in mind. She also puts owners’ minds at rest by sending them regular updates and photographs of their cats.

Amy first came across Longcroft when she was struggling to find a suitable cattery for her own beloved cat Mary:

“My cat Mary came from a local rescue centre and she is very anxious. Yet the level of care and detail that goes into every Longcroft hotel put my mind at ease.

“Unfortunately, there were no cat hotels nearby at the time when I was looking into options for Mary. But that inspired me to open up my own Longcroft Hotel in Sheffield.

“Working with animals is a passion of mine and I’m finally getting the opportunity to do what I love. I feel so lucky to have found a way to earn a living while spending time caring for gorgeous cats and providing peace of mind to their owners.”

Amy and her husband, James, live in Fulwood, a leafy suburb of Sheffield, located near the Peak District.

What do they offer?

Longcroft Fulwood maintains the same high standards as all the hotels in the group. This includes offering added extras, including a chauffeur service, room service with a choice of dishes from the ‘A La Cat Menu’, kitty pampering experiences and the ‘Milky Whiskers Turn Down Service’.

Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Group is the vision of founder and cat lover, Abi Purser. Abi still runs the boutique cat hotel today and there are now 22 Longcroft Cat Hotels in the UK.