Dan Wellington, founder of LJC Risk Management, shares how the Sheffield Consultancy can help businesses to successfully manage their sustainability risks and opportunities – and ‘Build Better Back’ post COVID-19 in the ‘new normal’ 

Tell us about your business – sell yourselves!

LJC Risk Management are a Sheffield consultancy company specialising in helping business to successfully manage their sustainability risks and opportunities.  We have decades of experience in helping small, medium and larger companies to develop their management systems and strategies to maximise the benefits and minimise bureaucracy.

Company founder Dan Wellington has worked in health, safety and sustainability in the Sheffield City Region for over 20 years.  During that time Dan was part of the South Yorkshire Green Business Club run by the Chamber of Commerce and was the National Climate and Environmental Lead for Make UK (formerly EEF).

Sustainability and Health and Safety issues affect all business sectors and require expertise to manage properly.  They are also areas of rapid change in drivers and legislation.  COVID-19 this year or last summer’s UK pledge to hit net zero carbon by 2050 are both good illustrations of how the landscape can swiftly change and businesses need to be both agile and flexible to adapt to change swiftly but also need longer term strategies in place to develop the way they work to meet legislative and stakeholder pressures.

We have the experience to help businesses understand the drivers and to help them with strategy and have recently been accepted as BSI associate consultants for health and safety , environmental and sustainability standards (ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and BS 6001).

As well as consultancy, we can also help to design and deliver bespoke and accredited training for our clients, ensuring essential competence amongst our clients’ workforce so we can leave the day-to-day management to those who know the business best.


Who are your customers and how are you targeting them?

In short – just about anyone!

All businesses need to have a health and safety policy, and if you have five or more employees this needs to be documented.  LJC can help document systems simply and effectively and can develop them to an internationally recognised standard such as ISO 45001.

Build Back Better is a recently developed slogan to encourage businesses to not go back to normal post lockdown but instead utilise new initiatives such as remote working and virtual meetings – bouncing back with a view to minimising impact on the environment and carbon footprint (and bills).  We can help develop a sustainability strategy that enhances corporate image, makes business more sustainable and saves money.

Non SMEs will probably be required to develop and report publicly on a carbon footprint as part of the new Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR).  Energy and Carbon is an area where our expertise can be very helpful to keep you on the right side of the law but also save you money, especially with the changes coming up to the electricity network systems and charging.

We aim to be able to help anyone with sustainability or health and safety issues, either through in-house consultancy or our network of trusted associates.


How can people get in touch with you?

We are available via our website www.ljcriskmanagement.co.uk –  this provides a range of information on our services and regular updates to keep businesses aware of the latest and upcoming legislative changes.

All email enquiries should be directed to information@ljcriskmanagement.co.uk.

We also know sometimes it is just easier to do things in person and are always happy to visit to talk about your risks, challenges and goals.